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  • Keyser Soze

    No mercy for these people. Cheaters who must face the full consequences for their actions. Jail time and fines.

  • thetruthhurts

    Haven't y'all learned it's not illegal to bribe schools or porn stars. Just ask trump.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Loughlin has the 3 things that, in America, will get you out of any criminal charges: beauty, money, and celebrity.

  • Roberta Weinstein

    Just who do these people think they are?

  • Dave

    Sure, I did all the stuff I'm charged with but I'm not guilty.....

  • mtntrek3

    No telling how many are guilty of this crime, along w/ you Lori. Get ready to face the music and enjoy the consequences of your actions.

  • miners moss

    After witnessing the throngs of people begging for autographs every time she sets foot outside, it's hard to believe there wouldn't be at least one juror who would hold out in her favor, no matter the evidence. I guess time will tell, but invariably movie stars are not held to the same standards as the rest of us.

  • Robin

    C'mon Aunt Becky, do the right thing like Felicity did.

  • guidinglight

    I assume her very high priced lawyers are just working on the best deal they can get for her. If she goes to trial, and gets convicted, she will be looking at years in prison. They are playing a dangerous game, with her floating out of court looking like Leona Helmsley.

  • AlexaGuyer

    I hope they throw the book at her. Every time you see her she is smiling, waving and signing autographs as if she is on the red carpet.

  • MHB48

    She AND her husband are going to regret this decision to plead not guilty. You’ve all heard the phrase “making an example of” I’m sure. Well, sit back and watch!

  • Jeff Wainright

    Smug arrogance doesn't play well in the courts. If I was in her shoes, I'd be expending just a little more energy on looking remorseful.

  • Grampa S 2.0

    I had heard the plea deal they offered her was for two years so I suspect since she didn't accept it and they've added further charges she may be in for a rude awakening.

  • David Caverlee

    Has she been talking to Jussie?

  • Some Random Guy

    What scum they are. They were caught red handed lying and cheating and now they will continue to lie by saying they are not guilty. I hope the judge makes an example out of them.

  • Foxrocks

    Eesh, she better hope they don't have a solid case.

  • JSG

    Given her situation, that smirk her mouth seems to naturally do is not going to help in the end. This isn't the moment for it.

  • hooderaw

    Feds have a 95% conviction rate. However, the normal defendants do not have the combined money that these defendants have. The typical federal jury is suburban middle class whites. Their perceived entitlement will hurt them as these middle class jurist make too much money for their kids to get grants for college and they had to make some difficult sacrifices to ensure their kids go to school.

  • 1susanbaldwin1

    Hehheh.....good luck with that plea.

  • RohnertPark1

    More entitled, spoiled celebrities thinking they are above the law. Basically, the same as the buffoon in the White House. Their arrogance knows no bounds. I think their passports have been confiscated, but if I was law enforcement, I would be focused on flight risk.

  • Billie Bob Norton

    Very bad women.

  • Ronald Bandor

    Can't believe how many are posting here that she'll get 40 years. Lol.

    That is SOOOO not happening.

  • Gargo-Rican

    Two possible outcomes here : either they are found guilty and made an example of (Huffman pleading guilty does not help)...or, they get off with a slap on the wrist due to money = power = influence; which is usually the case anyways.

  • FranklinMcgee

    I think she feels she can buy her way out of this with a stiff fine. Just the fact that she refuses to acknowledge that what she did was wrong is enough to make me want to see her behind bars. I have a ton more respect for Huffman who is owning up to what she did wrong. Loughlin actually makes my skin crawl with her entitlement. The craziest part of all - the fact that one of her kids didn't even want to go to college - oh, except for the parties. And that kid was making way more as a social media "influencer" (ick, what is that?!) than I make in year. I'd love to hear some of the screaming matches in that household......I hate you, you ruined my life, my friends are laughing at me.....

  • Dee

    She's a piece of work!

  • End of Life Ritual

    I wouldn't be surprised if her argument is that it happens all the time and the schools allow it. The discovery process could be very, very interesting. They will surely demand all admissions materials and associated communications @ USC for the past several years.

    I'll bet Singer's ploy wasn't the only one, and it could become very difficult for the jury to believe that Loughlin's actions were out-of-the-norm. From there, she might well get a drastically reduced sentence or a deal that allows her to to claim victim-hood in some twisted way.

  • Roberta Weinstein

    Things just seem to be getting dumber and dumber everyday..,

  • gmannfromchitown

    Don’t be at all surprised that if she does go to jail she paints herself as some sort of political prisoner. Her fans will be protesting in the streets.

  • gmannfromchitown

    Apparently aunt Becky intends on going to jail as well.

  • Justbkind16

    I'm at a loss for words. In what world does she think she did nothing wrong?

  • rampantlion

    New series: "Aunt Becky in the Big House". LOL!

  • Bill William

    I cannot wait to hear what her attorney's defense will be. Even if found guilty she is 54 with no criminal record. Possible a big fine, which will be no big deal and community service.

  • Oldswimmer

    Wow. Not only are they dumb enough to plead not guilty, they don't want the inconvenience of going to Boston to appear in person. This will not end well for them.

  • truthasitis

    So she is as stupid as her daughters!

  • Andy S

    Wow, that's a big risk she's taking...

  • alphafemale

    She's got that smug grin of someone that thinks she's not going to be held accountable....she needs to go to jail.

  • strumnfish

    Keep smilin', sweetheart.
    In 40 years, you'll be able to get a face lift, if you're still alive, which will keep that s@#t-eaten grin on your face.

  • 01denese

    Ummm...Wasn't she walking around a couple of weeks ago wearing a t-shirt that said something like she's just doing what any mom would do or something like that? Sounds like an admission of guilt to me.

  • strumnfish

    Not only is Loughlin guilty as sin, but apparently she's equally as stupid !!

    Throw her and her husband in jail...

  • c0reDump

    Pulling a Trump: denying accusations in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  • Judy

    dangerous roll of the dice...I wonder who is advising them, Uncle Jessie?

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Loughlin just thinks this will be a show with photo ops.

  • Aunya Catya

    The woman has OFFICIALLY lost her mind!