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  • Christopher Bogart

    Another idea that will lead to loss of businesses and higher hotel rates.


  • TruthHurts

    Until other countries (especially Asian countries) do something about their own garbage nothing will change. They are the worst offenders with plastic garbage being tossed into the ocean.

  • Antwon

    Honestly it seems like refillable "courtesy dispensers" would work better, and result in les theft and loss for the hotel. Be they'd use less soap if everyone couldn't take it all home when they leave

  • TexasVulcan

    I was surprised to see that the hotel I stayed in last weekend already had refillable bottles of shampoo and shower gel instead of the little bottles.

    But there are far more insidious uses of plastic out there. If we cannot make them biodegradable, then they should be banned.

  • Rocko D

    We have soap dispensers that are refillable and simply place the soap on your hands. As far as shampoo goes, pretty obvious you could have a wall dispenser. sometimes the kids will empty it entirely in one day, but mostly it will work.

    Also, people do forget things, like say toothpaste. But it's not like its the last time you will ever need toothpaste, simply sell the forgetful person a full tube of toothpaste, which they then take along with them, when they leave. In fact, some hotels already do exactly that.

    These are cases where not only is government regulation ok, but frankly shouldn't be piecemeal.

    We don't need to allow any grocery store to pack he groceries in 25 small plastic bags, they love it - stop it.
    If hotels really aren't the big problem, and they aren't - then go after the whole problem, even if it changes consumer behavior.

    What's the point in saying the world is coming to an end, and then reducing plastic consumption by 2%?

    Don't you think if you really believe the world is coming to an end, you'll think about well, not having it end?

    It's like the people that make this scare, don't really believe it, I've never seen anything like this phenomena.

    If you really believe it, why the penny ante, feell good nonsense? Why aren't you demanding real change?

  • biome

    There is another option. A standard, reusable bottle type for hotels. P&G is planning to use sturdier containers that will be picked up, cleaned, and refilled, just like soda bottles used to be. There are already recycling programs in place for bar soap because many 3rd world countries desperately need soap. Shampoo can actually be used to clean a lot of things.

  • FranklinMcgee

    We will make the choices for you. We are headed in a bad direction.

  • And you believe that why?

    "Geyer said he did not see immediately see any unintended consequences in the bill."

    The reason for single use items in hotels is to protect the health of the general public, just like those single use paper "sheets" doctors offices use. Unless Geyer plans to change hotel health and safety regulations there will be unintended consequences.

    What I expect to happen in this case is hotels will start selling double use items. Total waste will go up. The hotel owners will be happy though. Currently they eat the cost of those toiletries because the general public expects them to be provided. This law will most likely shift this expectation, and hotel owners will profit.

  • Kevin Kendall

    If you want to see one of a thousand places the plastic shows up, google images :

    costa rica plastic beach

  • unusual

    I'd really like to see them ban that stupid plastic cutlery that is so flimsy it's useless. It always just ends up being thrown away.

  • Juggles

    I have been seeing hotels with the shampoo and body wash in dispensers installed on the shower wall. Seems far less wasteful then the single use ones.