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  • snake

    In the past 2 years the press has proven more than ever how necessary it is if we are going to have any chance of retaining our Democracy & freedom. Despite death threats from the Trump cult the have continued to report facts and expose the lies of the president.

  • MVRocks

    When I started reading the article I was saying in my head "please let someone who reported on Trump's corruption receive one" and like Christmas coming early, they did. He is going to have a full on fit. Good. The man is literally trying to shut down the free press in our country because he can't control what they report about him. Calling them enemies of the state is spitting on the constitution and appalling coming from a sitting POTUS or any govt official for that matter. The cult don't mind because they don't want what he does and says reported, but they don't seem to realize in the long run it will hurt them and future generations of their families as well. He wants state run news like Russia and NK and it's frightening to say the least. Especially because he's got his followers on board with it.

  • logical

    The irony of honoring journalism rife with factually incorrect information is astounding. I am not sure there was a single example of the coverage of these events from these papers that didn't have factual mistakes in them. Whether they were innocent mistakes or deliberate to push an agenda, is that what we want to award? Or is this award just to celebrate places where something sensational happened?

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is the laughingstock around town in Pittsburgh

  • Rubber Banned

    Trump is stupid if he thinks he's going to get the final word when he makes an enemy of the entire free press. Actually, Trump is still stupid even if he doesn't think that...

  • TexasVulcan

    There is no doubt in my mind that democracy flourishes only where there is a free press. The press in the USA has been a huge factor in keeping us free.

  • Rocko D

    Wow those app names sound eerily similar to the names of things we used to call "newspapers".

    What is a newspaper you ask? Well, you aren't going to believe this, but imagine you cut down a tree and turned the sawdust into a physical sheet, kind of like a painting, except the painting would just be the words of a website made into this physical sheet, and then you'd have like page after page of this right, and then you'd roll it up and put a rubber band around it and then use it to swat your dog on the rear and say bad dog, bad dog.

    I know it sounds a little nuts, but it worked for us.