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  • transplantwest

    This stuff is NOT safe for everyone and people are taking it way to lightly. I know people who have tested positive for Marijuana in drug screens (ex: required with some prescription meds.)

    Using these products can be dangerous. There is no oversight of the THC in the ingredients.

    A bad "batch" or sloppy processing can cause someone to lose their driver's license, health insurance, DEATH benefits, and professional licensure if testing is performed. What about recovering people who could "get triggered"?

    It might not be a bad thing, CBD, but without regulation and testing like prescription drugs, there just is no excuse for taking it so lightly when so much harm can come from using it.

    This article highlights the popularity. Now it's just one more chemical in the list we're being inundated with. We've become one stoned nation. Beer and wine in every grocery, grocery ad, convenience stores, Dr's offering opiates, now CBD signs emails promos.

    Pushing all these products, creates more and more addictions and a revived and expanded rehab and therapy industry. People less and less able to cope with life without chemical dependency. Are we really all that screwed up?