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  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Just wait until Thursday....

  • Sunshine1229

    It's that time of year again. It's time to be prepared and aware of what's going on. Be careful everyone!

  • Sal Monela

    For Gods sake, please stop raining! I need to cut my grass and at the moment I’ll need something more than a lawn mower to do so.

  • Dicazi

    Spring tornadoes are nothing new or unusual.
    In 1965, 47 tornadoes killed 271 people from Iowa to Ohio.

  • kittenpops1

    Regardless of anyone’s side - good luck to everyone.

  • fastone

    I don't really think the Republicans in the south want us to help give them with any disaster relief anyway....because .that would clearly be socialism....and we know they just hate that stuff....and.they don't want their precious nickels spent to help others with health coverage.....well that sword cuts both ways......freak catastrophic storm where lose everything, freak catastrophic illness where lose everything.... I don't see the difference....

  • TrueBlue

    Cons thought climate change would just be a coastal problem.

    Womp womp!

  • Use-your-intelligence

    We really need to show more concern that the dramatic increase in severe storms over the past few years are a direct result of climate change. As temperature extremes become more intense it will lead to more severe storms which includes hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, heat waves, forest fires, and drought that will all need new classifications because of how more intense they will become compared to past events. My true fear is that it's already too late. The environment is like a locomotive going full speed Even if you slam on the breaks and shut off the engine it will take miles for it to finally come to a complete halt. If the entire world got together tomorrow and decided to immediately stop all harmful emissions and damaging behavior it would take years for the planet to "level off" if you will from what we have already set in motion. If the overall temperature of the planet increases by just a few degrees most of our planet would become uninhabitable for human life. Only a higher power can really save us now.

  • larryroth702

    What happened to the thinking "Out of an abundance of caution"? The result of not doing anything because POTUS says "It is a hoax" means the problem is your lying eyes. When do you say enough is enough....when is it too late? Trump lies about everything and changes his mind on a daily basis. Even the US banks will NOT loan him a dime because of his actions.

  • Band, On the Run

    I live in the "Enhanced" area of that one "Severe Weather Threat" map with the orange area that looks like...well, you know what it looks like. So far just some showers. No strong winds or downpours yet. Maybe we'll get away without anything significant.

  • GG™

    Has anyone tried throwing paper towels at them?

  • Jacquelyn Hemphill-peoples

    Where is Trump's tweets or even recognition of these tragic condition? These are mostly states of his strongest supporters!!

  • Life's a River

    It seems that the climate change is moving tornado alley farther east, and over a wider area than in the past. The area around Birmingham AL has been hit several times in the last few years. Oklahoma has been getting off relatively light, at least so far this year. If you live in a threat area, get a storm shelter, or at least have a plan for where to go in case of severe weather.

  • running33

    Stay safe, folks in the South.

  • Tim Coolio

    Republicans don't like government, lets not give them any gov. help or grants.

  • Dukedaddy

    The areas of the country that are getting hit the hardest by severe weather is also the same areas were the majority of the population deny climate exists.

    How bad to they need to get hit before they wake up and see that bad weather is destroying their homes, businesses and work places?

  • claudia dunkirk

    Woman whose entire town was flattened: “I just thank God that my four grandsons were spared. God had his hand in this event today, I can just feel it.” 😒

  • Jane.Doug

    those who DENY climate change should NOT receive ANY fema help! ! ! !

  • Wildkitty

    "President Trump's Budget Would Cut Hundreds of Millions From Disaster Relief Programs"

    BUT let NO ONE question Trump's Tax Cuts for the already wealthy of this nation!!


  • GarfieldRocks

    Be patient folks, the paper towels will be there soon.

  • Tim Coolio

    No government help for ones from the right that hate government.