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  • TexasVulcan

    Doesn't everyone have 4 cell phones?

  • Ursus.Rexx

    Re: '...On Monday, Zhang’s attorneys told the court Zhang wanted a jury trial and that she “wants her name cleared so she can continue her career in finance and business.”

    ...Has Trump offered her a presidential_pardon...yet? {/Sarcasm)

  • Ed Waterfield

    What is with the horrible courtroom drawings? No mug shot anywhere?

  • Red Hawk

    Palm Beach Post is reporting --In the decked-out ballroom of a ritzy Washington hotel the night before Donald Trump took office, thousands of dollars flowed from political donors and a questionable casino company to an undisclosed bank account.

    The lavish Asian Pacific American Presidential Inaugural Gala — the first of its kind, with a buffet-style dinner, cocktail tables draped in white cloth and live entertainment — drew more than 900 people who paid at least $75 per ticket and a handful of sponsors who shelled out much more.

    But there’s no trace of the money raised that night, as required by law, The Palm Beach Post has found.

    That includes donations by their biggest listed sponsors. Among them: an embattled Saipan-based casino later raided by the FBI, a Guam-based shipyard and a handful of Pacific Island hotel operators, all of which benefited from a foreign labor bill signed into law by Trump a year later.

    Raising the political stakes further, one of the event’s four chief organizers, onetime Trump campaign aide Jason Osborne, followed up the event by lobbying for the labor bill to help the Northern Mariana Islands, home to the Saipan casino.== Trump is up to his comb over in corruption


    How insane is it that plutocrats can buy access to the president of the United States in his country club?

    Democracy is dead in this country.

  • stamped human bacon

    South Florida remains uniquely susceptible to invasive foreign species.

    This particular nest of vipers is especially venomous.

  • Dadenios

    "malicious malware" BTW, not to be confused with the omnipresent benign malware...