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  • Risbo Lensky

    Did they landed on those islands? No. In other words only show for mushroom public in the US

  • tttbnr

    The Americans who order these sailors in to harm's way should be tried for war crimes.


    The UN already voted that these are international waters. China has already lost this fight, and if they keep it up, it might be time for economic sanctions.

  • pete mancini

    Wouldn't be nice if someone designed a artificial island to help humanity thrive, Instead of building them for the potential destruction of the human race.

  • StrontiDog

    Generally, it's wiser not to poke the bear. . .but some bears just need to be poked. China can afford to build-up these shallow spots all over the world. . .and there are many. You could have a Chinese 'island' two hundred miles off the Florida coast. . .nuclear-armed ships, and all.

  • Eric

    What is to stop us from building an island right next door to this island? That would be awkward.