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  • OtherMrNiceGuy2

    ABC has turned into a fluff site... there are only salacious domestic articles to choose from... this article is buried on the third page...

  • Yodigo

    How much is this humanitarian aid,
    There are more than 32 millon venezuelans,
    I doubt it very much that it is more than 32 millon lbs,
    So each venezuelan can receive ONE lb of aid.
    It will be a lot easier if the USA
    lift the economic sactions to Venezuela.

  • rontron

    Maduro should not be worrying about the US, his own countrymen will eventually do him in if this situation continues much longer.

  • Noon

    Why do they need aid from us ? Where are Venezuela’s friends China and Russia ? Did those countries cut the strings when they didn’t see good economic investments there ?

  • pcnder

    Vote for Bernie Sanders if you want the U.S. to be like Venezuela.