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  • Jake realy Jake

    Racists sons don't fall far from the tree!

  • pprty

    Donald Trump & Donald, Jr. are asking to be SCALPED! Yee-Haw!!

  • David L

    Little Don should just keep his mouth shut and stay close to his lawyers - he'll be needing them soon.

  • Top shelf

    The entire Trump family is bottom-feeding scum.

  • student123

    Lol. The president thinks he's so clever making racist comments about one of the most horrible instances of genocide in American history at the expense of his political opponents. In the meantime, his youngest son shows more indicators each day that he has autism or some other kind of developmental disorder. Shouldn't have had that kid so much later in life Donny. God's karma is so much worse than ours could ever be.

  • WGS

    daddy, do you love me now?

  • Joseph Costa

    Funny how Trump likes to call he small blood amount of Native American which is there just not very high amount, yet Trump comes from family deported from Germany so where is Trump to keep his head high? Trumps family has been a slum landlord with a past riddled with law breaking bigoted attitude and con jobs. Trump has lied on taxes commintted crimes, stole peoples merchandise. So Trump keep attacking others when you have more to lower your head then most people in the World.

  • Eric

    Although she has no chance of winning... Trump and Jr and childish babies

  • Bill Toone

    I'm hoping a big tiger eats Donald Jr on his next

  • John Springer

    hmm , they ignore real liberal faux pas and use speculation to twist distort meaning of Trump Jr tweets.
    Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., sparked backlash Sunday evening from members of both parties -- including former first daughter Chelsea Clinton -- after she accused a prominent lobbying group of paying members of Congress to support Israel.
    Omar, who became the first Somali-American woman elected to Congress in November, responded to a Twitter post by journalist Glenn Greenwald criticizing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for threatening to take action against Omar and another freshman lawmaker, Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., over allegedly anti-Semitic remarks.

  • Alex Ross

    Can you imagine a REAL president ever using language like that?

  • John Springer

    Savage used as adjective is now interpreted as a noun for Warren and trail , a common moniker for campaign trail is speculated to be "Trail of Tears". These people are getting too much Starbuck's caffeine.

  • Steven P. Mitchell

    If anything to apply the comment to the Trail of Tears is overcomplicating the reply by Donald Trump, Jr. The comment is very clearly referring to President Donald Trump, Sr.'s reference to Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) as a 'Savage.' Native Americans have historically been referred to as 'Savages.' This can't be too hard for the journalists to figure out, can it be?

  • Mike Kennedy

    Trump may have money, but he cannot buy class. He is totally lacking in it.

  • Ruben Gee

    Wait! Is he a member of the low life cockroaches in New York?

  • Marta

    I don't believe, "Savage", was directed at dad. Needs clarification.

  • John bailey

    The first punk.

  • LisaD

    Fake news. No way trump knows what the trail of tears is.

  • Oldswimmer

    Without the family business, Jr is a fast food manager at best.

  • OneMoreYes33a

    There is no decorum left in Washington. Very sad. You may not have liked the politics of Clinton or Bush, Obama, or Bush Sr - but they had more class in one finger than this entire Executive branch collectively.

  • Bob Lees

    As it is with most things, the class apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • don nash

    Idiocy seems to genetically pass from father to son.

  • Alex Ross

    I wonder if they know how pathetic they are?

  • purplereign

    I'm too distracted by the amount of filler in his girlfriend's lips! They're going to burst!!

  • Roger

    Trump is a slimebag

  • mollydtt

    The Trumps would improve their image if they would just SHUT UP.

  • gypsy

    The trumps are pathetic excuses for human beings.

  • RationalRick

    Oh, come on. The TRAIL in caps in Trump's tweet was implying that Warren will TRAIL behind Trump in the presidential race. That was an EASY one to figure out. LOL

  • Max Forest

    Trump Sr likes Warren and gets a kick out of getting a rise out of her. However, Trump JR is just "psychotic."

  • Von Runkle

    Pocahantas is finished

  • Lee Thompson

    Junior is as inept as his father. Go away Junior.

  • Alexis Rivera

    The original Trump tweet was odd but there was a chance that it wasn't actually referencing the trail of tears but Don Jr. Again manages to put his foot in his mouth with another ill timed "I love it". Now they seem much more purposely intent on referencing the native American suffering. That is just plain horrible.

  • Matt

    see you in Federal Prison in 2020 Don...

  • Chipnputt

    Now Guilfoyle is with Jr.? She gets around and seems be bipartisan as to the company she keeps, Gavin Newsom was #2.

  • Bud Simpson

    Wonderful, Bone Spur Jr. wants to interject his opinion of daddy, and surprise, surprise he supports him! WOW! Who would have guessed?