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  • OtherMrNiceGuy2

    LOL burrsheet.

  • TB

    Honestly..this administration needs to give this wall thing up. All it's doing is making this current POTUS & his administration look even more foolish than they already do.

  • Barry Muth

    "Let's say that the hardcore left wing of the Democrat Party prevails in this negotiation and they put a bill on the president's desk with, say, $0 for the wall or $800 million, some absurdly low number, how does he sign that?" Mulvaney asked. WITH A PEN, THAT'S HOW.

  • David

    Basically every time Trump agreed to a deal, he decided he got lowballed and reneged and asked for more. Until he finally came up with this 5.7 billion dollars for his ego wall. He agreed to 25 billion for border security and then decided he didn't care about border security but more about his vanity wall. Odd way to govern, but it's what we should expect from a narcissist who lives for self glorification.

  • Viv Louise

    President Trump has already asked for money for more Border Patrol agents and cameras. They money for a wall is in addition.

  • mollydtt

    Get ready for the first, bigger, longer, more damaging Trump Shutdown of 2019.

  • miners moss

    Trump functions, if you can call it that, on anger and impulsiveness. His so called style, of consistently ignoring the advice of his cabinet and busting out with something crazy. is admired by his followers.He is 'shooting from the hip' or 'telling it like it is'. It's a wonder that we haven't gotten into a nuclear war with this dangerous buffoon at the helm. I imagine his supporters would cheer even that on;saying, 'hey that's Trump being a tough guy!' My guess is Trump will declare a National Emergency, and after cringing in private, they'll roll out Sarah Huckabee Sanders to explain what a brilliant move it was.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    I am confused... did the Democrats not already offer $1.3B for border security and Trump was not satisfied? Why now offer $800M to $1.3B? Or is this in addition to the initial funding?

    Nice to see the new Trump talking point.... "hardcore left wing of the Democrat Party"... really helpful.

  • Thomas

    One of the issues is that Trump is more concerned with implementing a solution than solving the problem.

    One of the first lessons in problem solving is not to focus on only one solution

  • Kai Segelkin

    Everything is "ego" with Trump. That's pretty much all there is to the man... a black hole ego devouring everything around him.

  • CatMom

    Border security and great big wall are not at all synonymous.

  • TexWho

    It has always been a Trump Ego issue.

  • Jim D.

    It looks as if Pelosi is in the process of rolling Trump again. If talks break down Trump has two options. Either shut the government down again, which will make the GOP even more unpopular, or cave. She is making him walk the plank. Or think Sitting Bull leading Custer into The Little Big Horn. A master deal maker? He's a rube.

  • RAZ

    The Democrats feel that the illegal people should walk free, as usual.

    Fund the border. It's time to end this.

  • mtntrek3

    Also, we need to keep our government employees paid while negotiations are on going. Enough of them being put out the door/being held hostage over disagreements.

  • mtntrek3

    A wall, a wall... . Well, it's a part of border security, but me thinks it's quite over- rated. So long as ones like Trump keep employing illegals, nothing else will change the issue. Trump and ones like him are more than happy to pay them crumbs over a legal wage. Enablers should suffer stiff penalties for employing them in the first place. ... Vote the charlatan out next year.

  • kritikosman

    If Mickey Mouse were president, we could have solved' border security negotiations by now. Trump is the issue!

  • Sal Monela

    But Mulvaney isn’t the POTUS. Instead we have a mentally challenged child holding that office.

  • herefortherideboo

    Don't worry AOC is going to save us.

  • herefortherideboo

    I want to thank the Democrats for electing AOC and Ilhan Omar. I'm getting a check.

  • mark2789

    As long as we permit Trump and his bunch of ingrates to remain in office there will never be a solution to anything, other than how Russia takes over the US