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  • Tom Adams

    Ukraine should not be allowed to join NATO. If it joins NATO and Ukraine gets into a fight with Russia then NATO will have to stay out of the fight. Under no circumstances should NATO or any country get involved with a war between Ukraine and Russia!

  • RollyD50001

    Ukraine has suffered economically both before and after the annexation of Crimea. They are by far the poorest country in Europe. Poroshenko platform isn’t new, he ran on it before. He is a corrupt oligarch and the voters have to toss him out. The problem is all the main candidates are either oligarchs or front men for oligarchs. And all that happens in every election is more of the same. The workers stay poor because oligarchs bank on cheap labor and exporting natural resources. The leadership refuses to change any of that.

  • Nick

    This raises the question if the USA belongs in NATO? EU wants the empire that Germany was unable to make during WW 2 and this expansion is not in the USA or UK interest.

  • thebobbob

    Big Bully Putin already told his little bully buddy Donny to make a lot of noise somewhere else and ignore the Ukraine. Vlad doesn't really care about missiles, or Venezuela so go ahead and act tough there... Putin wants the Ukraine.

  • The_Splurge

    Ukraine just made themselves expendable.

  • Joe Mac Pherson

    Ukraine has suffered too many centuries of Russian oppression. First, under the Czars of the Russian Empire. In 1917 and later, it was the Bolsheviks and soon after, the Communists of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now, it's dictator President Putin, leading the Russian Federation. My strong belief is, membership in the European Union, first. That's a tremendous sense of security in itself. Also, why should Putin protest? Ukraine is part of Europe. Ukraine citizens have every right, as Europeans, to join in the alliance.
    I truly wish peace, prosperity and better tomorrows for Ukraine.

  • Kalinysta


  • rampantlion

    EU membership is more likely than NATO membership. Even there, Ukraine would have much "shoring up" to do to be eligible. Regarding NATO, there would have to be a new and specific exception for the current Russian occupation of Crimea and interference in the Donbass. Otherwise, we would be instantly at war with Russia, due to invocation of Article 5.

  • TexasVulcan

    Now that will PO Putin. Good.