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  • EJ West

    This article is not up to date. Both parents have been released (so far), according to other news sources. The baby apparently drowned in the bathtub while the mother was not paying attention. Most people would call an ambulance and try to get help. Then there are people like these two. Sigh.

  • Lovejoy

    ok...what? how did authorities find a body UNDER a dog? (it wasn't even a cat) Was the site marked? And the family uses their backyard as a "pet cemetery?" Is that to say they allow all their neighbors to bury pets there? I wouldn't think that a couple of pets deems a yard a "pet cemetery." If it was a "pet cemetery" in the true sense, it's amazing they found the child's body.

  • yetanother1

    Each day seems to bring another story of a child's abuse and death. Terrible that "grownups" seem to have no control over their tempers and emotions and dispose of their children like garbage. Spay and neuter this pair before they get out of prison, because unfortunately, they will.

  • Morgan Sheridan

    The community is devastated beyond words over this little boy's horrid death.