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  • cowdogpete

    Gov't shutdowns are political theater and ALWAYS temporary.

    Still a steady job with decent benefits.

    One must go into the job aware that this happens from time to time and really isnt a big deal.

  • RZC

    Little fun here
    D.C. Laughing Because WH Water Bill Past Due, Trump Plans To Mis-Appropriate Funds To Build Wall

  • BluntNotPC

    The one paragraph sums it up...
    "Obviously, I think everybody knows that at some point, this will end. And we really haven't gotten questions about that today," Wood said of the shutdown. "Not a lot of people have come up to us to talk about that. They're pretty much interested in getting a job."

  • Nala

    BECAUSE of the shutdown it should read - a lot of the former TSA agents will have found other employment by the time trump gets his head out of his , , , , , , , ,

  • notagain

    This is no surprise. People wanting what they hope is a good job with benefits and hoping to take advantage of maybe some TSA workers getting fired or quitting during the shutdown. Good luck.

  • khantot

    This is the only good result of the shutdown: TSA not getting paid.

    This irresponsible agency should be abolished, once and for all.

  • CaptnBlynd

    Because these are considered good jobs compared to so many others.

  • Hank R

    Hopefully the new hires are better than the TSA people in Newark.

  • catmom

    Why is that hard to believe? Some people think it is a good job. Some people feel that being a government employee to be an honorable position. In my experience, it is Republicans who seem to demonize being a public employee.

  • TexasVulcan

    I m guessing that if this shutdown goes on much longer, many current TSA employees will be seeking other employment. There will be lots of opening.

  • Anthony

    Government jobs are secure, pay well and have good benefits. The only problem is that many Republican politicians hate the government and want to shut down the government from time to time. If Republican politicians hate the government so much, they should not be in the government. Leave the government jobs to those who want the jobs.

  • mik8888

    The one that got me is the 68 year old who is looking to 'get my career moving'...at 68 he is 'starting a career'...???

  • Thoughts n prayers

    Desperate people doing desperate things. If I needed money, I wouldn't apply for a job at a place that isn't paying its current employees.

  • Truthfully

    The answer maybe that in Tennessee the average factory worker make less than $30,000 a year. Also they interviewed a 68 year old that is applying because evidently they are unable to retire.
    Trump's SHUTDOWN only shows that the AMERICAN People are still Desperate to take Any Job!

  • SJC

    We recently had an Indian casino with 10 job openings receive 1000 applicants, you see the numbers from the labor department, but reality contradicts.

  • Joe Mac Pherson

    The thought of applying for a job that currently, isn't paying a single penny, staggers my sense of logic. How long can anyone work without earning a dime? What happens when you have no money to buy food, pay rent or the mortgage on your home, pay for gasoline to drive your car, or pay for subway fare, or bus transport? What happens when you have no money to pay the phone bill, electric and gas bills? I've had this terrible premonition of so many people working for the Federal paycheck, through no fault of their own, bereft of money, bank accounts wiped out, and they're facing the prospect of being homeless. This is an American Tragedy. The person who sits behind a desk at the Oval Office in the White House, proudly stated to the news media, weeks ago, he'd own this shutdown. Fait accompli.

  • KatsMind

    The last guy in this article is 68, and wants to get his career moving. He must know he will need every penny he can earn in tRumps Amerika.