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  • s DAN

    If these women were not of color he would be in prison...………….

  • Thoughts n prayers

    I didn't know this guy was still alive until this happened. People defending him are gross. He has a documented history of messing with minors.

  • Dee breeks

    The girl is legal, 18 and over!...she even said that she is fine. WHATS THE PROBLEM?..everybody has to eat, as long as he is not breaking laws...He likes young girls 18 and up?=legal

  • BluntNotPC

    I"m not a fan... don't even really know who he is (supposed to be). Another example of GUILTY until proven innocent beyond all doubt.

  • chameleonlife

    Why is everybody all hating on R for? It isn't like he ever urinated all over underage females while having "sex" with them....OH WAIT MY BAD , SORRY, HE DID AND HE FILMED IT.

    Somebody's brother or daddy probably going to do the same to him soon, and worse!

  • Whitney

    I hope everyone refuse this guy a permit

  • John Springer

    So no due process, just an aspersion, unverified , even denied by alleged victims, what has happened to sense of fairness and justice in America.

  • Lee-Anne Griffin

    Don't like his music at all. Wouldn't go to a concert if you paid me. However, we have to careful about punishing people over claims or we will lose common sense to the mob.

  • DestinysNow

    His ace attorney, Mr. Steve Greenberg, was also the attorney who tried to get Drew Peterson off the hook for his spouse murders (including Stacy Peterson) years ago. Greenberg seems to have great sympathy for men who commit domestic violence and abuse. Greenberg deserves to be picketed, too.

  • mik8888

    In Chicago's 'Trump Tower'...???

    Curious, heh heh...

  • TexasVulcan

    Such a man. Exactly who I want my children to emulate. (NOT)

  • CaptnBlynd

    I am not a fan but please note that he is only accused and being denied his normal income amid protest concerns.
    The mobs are being given control.