COLUMBUS, Ohio — Jan 12, 2019, 11:03 AM ET

Gun seized from 6-year-old kindergartner walking into school


Police say a handgun was confiscated from an Ohio kindergartner walking into school after someone reported that the 6-year-old boy appeared to have a heavy object in his pants.

Columbus police didn't disclose whether the gun was loaded Friday when it was safely taken from a student at Columbus Africentric Early College. A photo shared by police showed bullets with the seized firearm.

Police say the boy won't be charged because he's so young. They're investigating where he got the weapon.

WBNS-TV reports a principal said in a letter to parents that the student "will face appropriate discipline" but didn't specify what that would be. Principal Tyree Pollard reiterated the Columbus schools' zero-tolerance policy on weapons and urged families to talk with children about keeping such items out of schools.

News - Gun seized from 6-year-old kindergartner walking into school

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  • Dan

    Just exercising his 2A rights.

  • Bill

    How about disciplinary action against the owner of the gun.

  • disqus_VTtXsRxSgB

    This is outrageous that that gun was seized.

    How dare the school infringe on the second amendment rights of any six year old in America ?

    We need the NRA here.

    It says in the constitution that the right to keep and bear arms won’t be infringed - there is no lower age limit in the Constitution. This is an unconstitutional seizure of a weapon by those damn liberals !

    ( ps - my entire post is satire and sarcasm just in case anyone doesn’t get it )