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  • Prophet With Honor

    State has been in disarray and demoralised for nearly two years. I have friends there who are on their last nerve.

  • Fatesrider
    "Morale is good," Pompeo told reporters in Abu Dhabi, one of the stops on his nine-nation tour of Middle East, as the shutdown was set to enter its fourth week. "They understand that there are squabbles in Washington, but their mission remains, their duties continue and they're executing them."

    WOW! Maybe next time he'll actually ask some of them how they feel about all this working for free stuff.

  • Truthfully

    Pompeo is just another trump enabler telling more trump lies.

    Morale is NOT Good !
    Morals and Ethics have left the white house in January 2017!

  • Harry Gaffney III

    . . .That's Russian, Turkish and Saudi diplomats morale "is good." Pompeo works for a traitor. Which makes him?

  • notagain

    Yes, the big wigs will get whatever they need. They rest of America? Gimme $ for my wall or else. smh