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  • Chupacabra

    Causing an accident to gather the oil is pretty common in my understanding. They drag something out in the road as the truck approaches to cause it to swerve into a ditch or to crash. People worry about those stealing the oil more than they worry about the truck driver they killed or injured.

  • Kathleen King

    Okay, which international companies actually control the Nigerian oil fields and refineries? It would make such sense to "tax" these companies "in kind" there with delivery directly to people in need. perhaps a regulator valve?

  • CaptnBlynd

    Scooping spilled fuel up by hand, the dichotomy of the modern world. Medieval disregard for health and life in a high tech world.

    Examples like this are what convince me of the collapse of the global economy experiment. Trillions of dollars redirected across the world and people still risking their lives for pennies.