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  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    It will be interesting to see what Whelan says when he final returns to the US. Will he still be a friend of Russia?

  • USA Dad Overseas

    To state the completely obvious: if you willingly go to China or Russia it's not a very smart decision on your part.
    The governments of those countries are not our friends.

  • travis Dejesus

    From what I have gathered he was caught with four passports. The U.S. was willing to work a deal with Russia quickly. This tends to lean my opinion toward the fact that he ain't exactly a lost and confused American.

  • gypsy

    Did he or did he not have 4 passports? And if he did; why? That in and of itself is suspicious. Common sense goes a long way when traveling outside the USA.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Framed perhaps, but he did it to himself. A second rate nobody playing at being an international man of mystery. He probably did Russia a favor.