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  • Thomas

    What's with the drug store cowboy hat? Sitting in a meeting with the president and you can't take off your hat?

  • earl phlegm

    Half of everything I write on ABC gets censored. Except for the Huffington Post, it's the worst place in the world to post the truth, in my opinion. The truth doesn't have a chance here.

  • earl phlegm

    Censorship in the land of Free Speech. How despicable for a mainstream press organization. That's how tyrants operate. The truth never sees the light of day. Only some vague reference to it such as this is allowed to 'prove' that they don't censor.

  • earl phlegm

    Same old ABC'sViews. They won't let my truthful responses get through.

  • ryanwiwb

    And right now Newt Gingrich is crying. His record is gone.

  • Andrew

    The satanic-like republican senators, along with their cruel tRump, are trying to STOP the American government and bring it down like a gang of domestic terrorist, They conspire to bring down our government.
    I think they should be arrested and jailed for conspiracy to bring down our government. I believe the republicans to be guilty of domestic terrorism and conspiracy.

  • Lee Thompson

    How locked in would Trump be to this shutdown if his hotels were affected?

  • lookingahead

    Totally off topic - doesn't AJ Louderback have enough respect for the White House to take his cowboy hat off while indoors? Is this a Texas thing?

  • EC Patriot

    Let's take a look at the Trump Legacy, to date:

    1) Sociopath
    2) Perpetual, Pernicious Prevaricator
    3) Anti-American
    4) Abuser of Authority
    5) Sexist
    6) Constitutional Ignorant
    7) Geographically Ignorant
    8) Fiscally Corrupt
    9) Emotionally Imbalanced
    10) Psychologically Dangerous

    I believe this is a pretty good start. Readers are welcome to add to it, as they're so inclined.

  • Truthfully

    The Trump Shutdown is really the trump TANTRUM!

    The republican senators and trump have definitely shown they Don't care about the American People and their Security!


  • Lawrence Geary

    How sick and twisted is America when working men and women do NOT get paid while working but the horrible republican representatives DO get paid while NOT working. They are sick and twisted. But to all them federal employees who voted for trump and STILL love him-hey-have a good time off. I'm getting paid.

  • Tkirk

    History will record this was trumps shutdown. He said he would be proud to do it; take the credit for it and not blame the Democrats. So regardless what he says...it is his and he owns it. Enjoy...he's making America great again...we might just equal the "Great Depression!" or make the next one "Bigly" better.

  • notagain

    The IRS employees will do the same way the TSA employees are doing. No pay, no work. Let it go another month and they'll be no more sugar coating it Don.

  • Ron Hedman

    How much writing has to be on the wall? Virtually Everything T-rump the boyman does, is a calculated attack on America. Everything he does, hurts and endangers us all. This shutdown is taking the level of danger in America to new heights. From food inspectors, to TSA agents. Anyone that sympathizes with these methods of leadership has gone past the zombie state of mind.

  • Billy Bob

    The GOP & Trump have had the majority in the Senate, House and the WH for 2 years . At no time during those two years did the GOP put a wall-funding referendum into the budget. Two years the GOP did nothing....now this is on the Democrats... No, its not !

  • Justbkind16

    Congratulations to the most self-centered president ever. You own this!

  • Technophile Returns

    Who in the world pays 12000 a month for tuition payments, damn.

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    People shouldn't be living paycheck to paycheck. But due to this countries screwed economy and deficit spending the return an ordinary person gets on interest on money saved is lower than the inflation rate so in a perverse way spending everything you make actually gives you more buying power than saving money. This is completely screwed up and it is how the Weimar Republic collapsed and brought Hitler to power. Perhaps we don't realize it but our economy has collapsed and we have our own despot that has been brought to power. He might not be murdering people in the streets yet but give it time, give it time. We all know perfectly well he would if he could, he boasted about it during his campaign in fact.