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  • j tennum

    I can't get the relationship. Lisa's father Dick (appropriately named) had an affair with Leslie and had a kid that she put up for adoption (Erin). Then Dick divorced Lisa's Mother and married Leslie? Because Lisa and Erin are meant to be "first sisters", I thought that meant both parents were the same but I guess it means they can share one parent.
    Was that the relationship?

  • Quiet participant

    I understand how results of these tests can be unsettling, however I think it's so very sad when someone contacts a "found" family member, and is not welcomed into or as a part of that family. For someone who was adopted, and spent their entire life wondering about their birth family, to finally find someone from that family and only be met with a roadblock or worse, so very very sad.

  • William Bahr

    I used ancestry for years and was frustrated at the concept that you had to keep going to new more expensive levels to make any progress. That all changed when th DNA tests became available. As time has gone on I have found my fathers side. And last week found a living sister. It has been life changing.

  • Nala

    Im a retired only child of an only child who NEVER knew my family history - thank you ancestry - both sides of my family go back to the mid 1600's - they have a STRONG history of the military, judiciary and I WILL NEVER FORGET MY IMMIGRANT ROOTS