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  • Hank R

    A US President named Castro. How ironic.

  • Star Patriot™

    Donors, save your money. This is not the one. The much-touted tie to Obama is a potential political nightmare.

  • BD70

    Trump says Biden is weak and Obama pulled him off the trash heap. Look who is talking and where the heck did he get Pence from?

  • pprty

    Actually, I think a cockroach could run against Trump in 2020 and win.

  • subtext9

    With this one speech Julian Castro has captured my imagination. I am imagining the Dems losing another presidential election. Still, with two more years of Trump antics to go (in or out of office), voters may accept any candidate for president (other than the most recent one) offered by the opposing party.


    I'll vote for any of these candidates that make it to the final round against Trump.

  • Foxrocks


  • badhairpiece

    Has Trump commented on his birth certificate yet?

  • Eric Janssen

    Even as far back as the '16 midterms, one MA Republican candidate was all set to lead the charge against Elizabeth Warren as Ruthless World-Domination Female Candidate II.
    "Another female Massachusetts politician is planning to ignore her voters and run away to her big presidential campaign!"

    You KNOW the card that the GOP is going to try and play against Warren, and it won't take you too long to guess the "Massachusetts" label they'll try and paste on her--
    As for other '20 Democratic candidates just now starting to enter the field, the Republicans aren't quite prepared yet--Just like they had the wrong horse in the '08 election, and spent the entire Obama campaign strategized to fight Evil Hillary.
    (And all John McCain had left to fight Obama's lead was "Geez, you love him so much, why don'tcha marry him??")

  • End of Life Ritual

    It’s going to be pretty rough for him to get any name recognition.

  • BluntNotPC

    Not even 3 full months and the Democratic field is already crowded. Bloomberg, Cumo, and de Blasio haven't even thrown their hats in the 3 ring circus that will be the Dem primary season... and rumor has it that HRC's handler thinks she is running (still)

  • Retired and Happy

    I like what I have seen from this guy. Ran a city and also a major government agency. Not a flame thrower with rhetoric and promises he knows we can't keep. Will wait to see more as it's early and many others would jump in.

  • Thao D

    Julian Castro know nothing the world and economy.He know how to do the housing.The democrats has many people that want to run for president.No matter what US can go down.This is the mess

  • Army Brat

    Well fact is whomever gets the Democratic nomination will be President. This past November was nothing but a warning shot for Republicans that will lose all branches of government in 2020

  • kritikosman

    May as well.

  • thelynx

    President Castro. Just had a flashback.

  • mik8888

    I don't really know about the guy at all, and certainly didn't know he was in Obama's cabinet...sooo I'll have to wait and see what he has to say...

  • Jamie Vetter

    No one can beat Trump. He controls the media every single minute of every single day. Hitler could only dream of having this much power.

  • William

    It already appears that will be plenty of Democrat presidential candidates in 2020...already 2 from Texas....neither have any chance

  • BD70

    I think Castro and his identical twin brother Castro should cook up a scheme to bend Trumps mind (whats left of it). Trump won't know who he is dealing with.

  • DestinysNow

    It will be good to have another guy in the race. Castro would be an interesting choice for VP, and could really help in FL, NV, AZ, and possibly make TX more interesting. Dems need to run somewhat conventional candidates with some background in govt. People have regrets about the Trump experiment, but I don't think they want another experimental candidate. Unfortunately, I think that also goes for a female DEM nominee for a second consecutive time. We need a more normal ticket for swing voters to compare to the trump experiment.

  • Smedley

    The GOP response was that he doesn't have enough experience to be President, oh the irony.

  • JDC1

    It will be interesting to see what democrats get the nomination the next 2-3 general elections. The rise of the tea party in 2010 silenced moderate republicans, and gave us Trump. Now the progressive movement has literally copied the tea party’s handbook, and is trying to silence moderate democrats. We may be witnessing the fall of the republic and don’t really grasp the totality of it.

  • Army Brat

    Republican Steve King is already erecting a gallows at the capital for any person of color daring to infiltrate his white country

  • GarfieldRocks

    I love it. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Poetic justice.

  • Hammond Ecks

    He’ll never make it because the GOP propagandists will convince their sheep that he's Fidel's son.

  • Army Brat

    Another great choice in what will be a large field of intelligent, HONEST, candidates with integrity . The country will never elect another fascist like figure again after the nightmarish two years of trump

    There’s s reason Dems flipped 40 seats and it’s name is Trump

  • Prophet With Honor

    Details. Policies and plans clearly stated. Without that I cannot call him the one.