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  • John J Guy

    This is going to really punish the murdering authoritarian dictatorship...

    ....They will all be put on the Naughty Step until they are all deeply ashamed and apologetic for torturing and murdering Khashoggi!

  • George286

    Great, but AS IF half of our allies in the third world are not ruthless because that is just how politics are played there, whether we like it or not. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is suppressed because otherwise it would be like Carter pulling support from the Shah, another Iran. They also suppress women and Shiite political figures in SA too. I wonder if the Indignant are also going to condemn al-Assad for torturing an American and 14 other people to death.

  • TexWho

    Mr Bone Saw may be the straw that breaks the camels back (in the case of Trump pig might be a better choice)

  • John S. Henchey

    No doubt the Trump led Republicans will pass a strong resolution that says..."Shame On You".

  • Prophet With Honor

    A "Sense of the Senate Resolution".
    That is a useless fantasy at best.

  • fmd160

    Graham has been an outspoken critic on this issue.
    This issue and few others anymore lately.

    "While Pompeo and Mattis also cast doubt on role, Graham dismissed their statements Tuesday as those of "good soldiers" towing the president's line"
    And Graham doesn't think he is describing himself? Rolling my eyes.

  • cephalo

    Um, I'll take some leadership with some American values on the side... Whattya mean yer out of that?

  • GayEGO

    Let us hope the Senate carries through with their plans against Saudi/MBS!

  • Naomi

    How does one trust a man with the world's largest economies in a brawl when that man gets simple numbers so wrong so often? He said 77,000 died of fentynal overdoses, when it was actually 70,000 total drug overdose deaths in the USA.

    He was off on inauguration numbers by millions, said unemployment was at 40%, was wrong about media ratings, said American carnage was over when it went up by 1%, etc.

  • Mick

    What do you get when you put a hammer and a rock together? Something twice as smart as Trump!

  • Matt

    Mitch McConnell will block any attempt to sanction the Sawdis....

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    cmon dont be stupid. the guy was a member of the muslim brotherhood. his burkade bride to be was 36, he was 60. No loss to anyone.

  • Rubber Banned

    Trump's amorality enabled this murder. The Saudis knew they could do it with impunity because our President couldn't care less if journalists are dismembered and dissolved in acid.

  • Trumptanic

    The Saudis are like Trump.They hate a press that doesn't agree with their every thought.I'm sure Trump would love to do this to Acosta.

  • think before you type

    The only good part of this incident is some bipartisan work to do what’s right.

    Trump is part of this story, but he shouldn’t be the main focus.

    The Saudi government is not a good ally period. We tolerate a lot because we have limited options in that region. I hope we remind them that doing what’s right is important to the US.

  • Bluejay

    Trump will have to bribe MSB with a $50m penthouse so he'll be forgiven.

  • Jackee

    i don't expect trump to do or say anything unless its self-serving..but Pompeo and Mattis, who have carried out missions based on the intelligence gathered by the CIA..(pompeo especially), and with their military/ CIA backgrounds.. wow.. very disappointed that they have sold so much of their integrity to stand behind the private bone spurs

  • cephalo

    This comment was deleted earlier; because it quotes the Quran?

    MBS rightly deduced that America has a criminal in the white house
    who would cover for him. He probably couldn't imagine that popular
    opinion might be a factor, since popular opinion doesn't exist in Saudi

    Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. Here we find this verse is quite true. When all mankind knows your a murderer, not much different.

  • Trumptanic

    Maybe the Saudis will get mad at Trump for promising them the arms and turn over documents of Trumps dealings with the Saudis.

  • Pologize3

    Why isn't our weak president taking the lead on this?

  • Colinalcarz

    I haven’t heard any response to Graham’s characterization of Pompeo and Mattis’ earlier Senate briefing. It sounded like he was excusing them for just trying to align with the president but it basically called them both liars, which is aligned with the president.

  • Ctrygrl

    I do not believe there is any way that 2/3 of the house will override a white house veto, but just the fact the whipped dog republican senate has finally sat up on its haunches and and snapped back at the president is something. The only thing the republicans could do is block all judicial appointments the way Flake did, but in the new senate that will take 4 republicans instead of the current 2, not happening. The president is going to win this one and congress cannot stop him, taking American integrity down yet another notch to the rest of the world.

  • Citizen123

    Since we have a weak president who won't stand up to Saudi Arabia or Russia the Senate will have to intervene.

  • ohyes2011

    Will we finally be seeing spines in the Republican Party? I won't believe it until they threaten not to vote on any of trumps policies until there is some sort of punishment against Saudi Arabia.

  • BD70

    McConnell only cares about populating the lower courts with conservative judges so he is going to stick by Trump for the duration. I sure wish that turtle was voted out.

  • Thomas

    We can't push the Saudi's too much. They figuratively, and perhaps literally, know where too many bodies are buried.

  • Alex Ross

    The worst FAKE president and Senate EVER will do nothing.

  • Michael McKay

    Waiting for the tweet from Trump saying the Republicans who want to punish the Saudi's over the murder are all Deep State or an angry Dem Mob.

    Nothing makes Trump madder then someone messing with his grifting income.

  • Toffer99

    Who'd be a Middle East henchman these days? Turkey has 2 names, maybe more, but they will never come to trial in Turkey. Instead they will be killed by other MBS henchmen in Saudi Arabia. In fact, they're probably dead already as a precaution, perhaps along with others in the double plane load of travelling bonesaw assassins. But MBS must be wondering where to stop. Maybe with the killers of the killers?
    As I said, who'd be a Middle East henchman these days?

  • Bluejay

    Trump has having such a moth of WINNING, isn't he! THe Senate will do what he doesn't have the GUTS to do to his long time business associate!

    It will make Trump very bigly sad and cranky!

  • Fatesrider

    The fact is, extreme regime change should ALWAYS be associated with reevaluations of current ties. The Saudi leadership underwent a sea change in philosophy by the careful assassinations and manipulations of their hierarchy by their current leader in order to put him at the top position.

    These are not the actions of a friendly government.

    The PROBLEM with the way the U.S. has dealt with them is that we continued to maintain normal ties with a transparently hostile government, using us for their own political advantage and power. There was zero chance that the Saudis would continue to be allies, because they are losing power and prestige in the world, with the only way for them to maintain it by conquering or damaging their neighbors to undermine their oil production, and take their place on the diminishing global oil market (oil demand continues to increase, but not NEARLY at the same rate, and is projected to decrease by the mid 2020's as more efficient vehicles and EV's begin to replace internal combustion engine vehicles).

    They're positioning themselves to be able to maintain their hegemony over the oil industry - or at least try to get back to what it used to be. And they are not shy about advancing their goals.

    The U.S. has known this from the beginning and yet has done nothing up until now. It remains to be seen if what they do is anything more than a political slap on the wrist. Given that the current Senate - before the new Congress is seated - is still majority GOP, and the GOP is hugely backed by the fossil fuel industry, I don't see any upheavals there being allowed - so basically the likelihood that any action they take will only be a political slap on the wrist, and nothing will change.