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  • lag

    Simple countermeasure - When a tunnel is detected, covertly insert movement/sound detectors and a remotely controlled mine. Blow it up when activity is detected.

  • Sam Willughby

    Good destroy them all hopefully with your enemy in them kudos

  • cephalo

    These guys should start a boring company. These guys build more tunnels than anyone.

  • murray

    U build 'em, we destroy 'em.
    there must be better use of talent and resources on both sides that would benefit people.

  • SFprogressive

    Bibi to Donald: Oy vey Don, I'm sorry I'm ruining your argument about 30 foot high walls with these damn tunnels the Arabs used on us, But you'll tell your base that your undcomented are too dumb to know about this,

  • Just Watching

    Why did it take so long to destroy the tunnels?
    I for one take some joy at letting them spend all that money, time and effort before destroying it.