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  • ted

    Conservatives have been reaching out to blacks a lot....with a gun in their hand!

  • Gary Stanley

    The GOP's idea of reaching out to black voters is to make it hard or impossible for them to vote.

  • Lilywhiteazz

    Michael Steele and Mia Love? What Black Conservatives? Mia Love is a creature of the Romneys. Where the quotes where she was slamming the President?

  • kritikosman

    That's like the cow with the 'Eat Mor Chikin' sign.

  • Donnie The Lion

    "They need to feel like there’s a relationship there." There is no relationship there. Put some microphones in some meeting rooms of White Republicans and listen in. The idea that the GOP cares about African-Americans is pure folly.

  • Abby1

    Trump's base and the GOP need someone to vilify. Even though Mia Love is a Republican, she is also one of the people that they vilify.

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    Symbolically "reaching out" to Black voters when your actions reveal your indifference or outright hostility to their interests (be it in the realm of socio-economics or by shutting down investigations into inequities in law enforcement and the justice system or by attacking affirmative action or by targeting Black voters for suppression or by pandering to racists) isn't going to cut it.

  • jboh

    GOP is reaching out to Black voters. They killed the Voter's Rights law, gerrymandered districts to dilute the Black vote, closed voting locations in Black areas, and constantly call Blacks low IQ, freeloaders, and criminals. Clever way to get folks to vote for you.

  • Bud Simpson

    The GOP has an extensive outreach program for African-American's, they've hired Russia to handle it.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    But if the GOP actually attracts black voters, would this not make their current approach of simply suppressing black votes less effective?

  • ArghONaut

    Based on the evidence at hand, black conservatives who think the modern republicans give a toss about them, except for their vote, must be the dullest people in the hemisphere. The mainstream republicans choke while trying to go through the motions of caring about anyone who is not from a WASP background with a bit of money.

  • Red Hawk

    The Republican Party abandoned Blacks in 1876 to get Hayes elected over Tilden

  • oliwayne

    Ms. Love needs to understand that every black person isn't trying to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Most black people, I know, just want to live in peace. But, to place financial motivation as a reason to revert to republican ideals is to deny that social injustices exist. Most black people I know, have pulled themselves up and are trying to exist just like everyone else. I don't know Ms. Love, but I imagine she's not comfortable being around black people. She is a true republican.

  • Brick

    How you gonna reach out to black voters when EVERY PATHETIC PICTURE you see of Republicans is nothing but a SEA OF WHITE MALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just look at the elected officials (not a SINGLE MINIORITY, NOT ONE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your very base demands that you hate on minorities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the single largest motivation for the right.

  • TerminalSanity

    Is there anyone sadder and more self-loathing than a republican at this point?

  • Colinalcarz

    Ms. Love wants minorities to be more self reliant, lift themselves up, and share in the financial success that her party claims to bring. Which policies of the last 60 years, from Republicans, have done any of that?

  • Ronald Bandor

    Why would they reach out to black voters?! This idea ignores the fact that vilifying blacks is exactly how they appeal to much of their base.

  • John Bishop

    Hard to do when the GOP has become a haven for NeoNazi White Nationalist KKK members like Steve King.

  • thinkmore

    ALL conservatives who support the GOP are ignoring the facts! The GOP has forfeited nearly all its claims to conservative goals.

  • Bannedlabrat

    Sean's not going to be happy about this.

  • snakeice64

    The issue with the GOP is that their rhetoric and policies have been blatantly racist for decades now and all their vocal supporters like Limbaugh the same. Then couple that with they take the blame for nothing and that's an issue in reaching out to the black community in the US. The democrats have their issues as well just pandering and expecting our support so it would take little effort for the republicans to change but the back log of bad will by the GOP would be hard to overcome.

  • Full Name

    The thing is, African-Americans are still only about 13% of the US population. I assume they are an even smaller portion of actual voters.

  • tj

    For the life of me I'm not sure I'll ever wrap my head around blacks, or anyone else for that matter, wanting to 'belong' to a group of historically racist, bigoted, small-minded whites. It's a crazy mixed up world we've built, for better or worse.

  • Prophet With Honor

    One of the most prominent black Republicans, conservative former Congressman J.C. Watts, has rejected the direction taken by Trump and the Party leadership. He can't see their course helping the minority community.

  • Sarah Levine

    "The opportunity to have real conversations, build relationships, and discuss policies from the Trump Administration that directly benefit African Americans"

    Yeah, that will play well with Trump's white nationalists followers.

  • IanPG

    Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Trump threw away the GOP autopsy report. The GOP are now left with Trump’s white get-out-the-angry-vote strategy.

  • stamped human bacon

    Some black folks fought for the Confederacy so I suppose this continued support for the GOP should come as no surprise.

  • John Michael Davis

    What a joke. If you look at Mr. Trumps White House, you will see very very few people of color, look at the staffs of Republicans, a lot of white faces. We've all seen pics of the interns, so so white. Republicans have had their chance to include/reach out to people of color, but they just aren't doing it. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Prophet With Honor

    I know some black conservatives. They believe in balanced budgets, low taxes, strong defense, sanctity of life, strong families, Christian theology, and patriotism.
    They also believe in individual rights and free will. They are not part of a herd nor do they want others to be herd animals. They judge people and institutions by their actions and not by their labels, by deeds not promises.
    They are true old school conservatives. They have no Party.

  • ppiuq

    The Republican party is about as interested in wooing black voters as Donald Trump is being president of the United States of America. It's time for Mia to move beyond the self-hate and selfishness which dominates her character and work her way back into reality. Leave stupid to the thieves and traitors who run the GOP.


    Going to be hard to bring black voters on board with a president saying the Charlottesville white supremacist marchers have "very fine people" among them.

  • JuPMod

    Gee, the Republicans had their chance to woo the African-American voters since 2012, yet they blew it when it is clear they do not care less for African-Americans anyway. Trump is not doing himself or the party any favors by dissing those candidates who lost, like Love from Utah.

  • Realpshep

    If you’re a Black Republican politician it’s up to YOU to woo and show us why we should vote for you. It’s a given fact the majority don’t care about our overall well being