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  • SJC

    Independence will never happen.

  • P'Thizikil

    President Xi was eating when he heard about this. It's never a good sign when he chews a Tums.

  • Holmes

    Wait till China comes knocking at your door. Donald is more worried about his money than those in harms way. Next Month will stay our course...

  • Bronx

    I'm with Taiwan. I'm old enough to recall when we used our Pacific Fleet to protect them
    from an apparent imminent attack on the Islands of Quemoy and Matsu. We later changed our
    policy toward China, agreed to take Taiwan's seat at the UN and give it to the Mainland-- along with the veto-- and coddled China with trade deals that should never have been made.

    Now, presently, China is quite aggressive in the South China Sea.

    If we don't stand up for Taiwan we will just encourage further aggression by China.

    No one wants a war, but we have to be true to our principles, stand by a democracy and old friend
    and not allow them to be bullied.