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  • OneMoreYes32

    All the BS about immigrants stealing our jobs... I don't see a lot of Americans lining up to pick crops or clean toilets or mow lawns for a career. American kids would never do those types of jobs - how are they going to hold their phones and text?

  • thejayman

    Yayy!! The first potential Muslim women as Governor. Can't wait for Sharia to be imposed. Can't wait for religion to gain a foothold in our politics on an operational level. Throughout history it has always worked out very well for citizens under calofates.

  • Gargamel

    Why is it that when a person is brown, they're referred to as African or Afro-American, but when a person is white, they're referred to as.......a person? Why not call them European or Euro-American?
    Is Ms. Abrams an American? Where does Africa enter this picture? Aren't these elections that pertain to the United States? Why don't we refer to each other simply as "Americans". After all, aren't we?

  • Judy

    I am so tired of old white men with double chins making the laws of the U.S.A., our representatives need to be more diversified.

  • Gick Fleming

    ABC = DNC (90% of the time they are the same message.)

  • Sir Real

    America is negatively polarized, which means that voters don't vote for their party's candidate, they vote against the other party's candidate. Voters won't know anything about most of the candidates on their ballot, and they won't care. That is how elections work in America these days.

  • cowdogpete

    No matter your political party preference, no matter which issues are at the fore-front of making your choice for governmental representation; I don't understand how anyone can think putting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in office is a good idea,

  • smuck hunter

    Both parties suck, which sucks worse is a personal point of view. I truly do not like trying to pick the lesser evil.
    AS for Florida voters, guns is up again. Approved by Trump or Hillary, take your pick. Our Democrat is just ahead of the FBI investiagation.
    Obama care means if you are too poor buy healthcare, you pay the IRS. That is due to change.
    Trump is the most amazing screw up. Somehow he actually sometimes does good things in between twitter and bombast.
    ABC is much like all the other news media, liberal/progressive slant and no clue as to regular workers. Bleeping Republicans passed a goldmine for the rich, and I at least got crumbs. No I do not like it. Are the Democrat better, not enough. They want me to vote to fix stuff. Top of the list is strip the people of practical political power tools; guns. Which will magically change the basic prey/ predator natural laws by disarming the prey. Which makes thing better for the prey because it is more moral to be preyed on than using a gun to not be preyed on..
    Still trying to understand why that issue, a rounding error in the annual death rate, and a far smaller number of deaths than doctors screwups. With the added bonus concern that it is mostly a big city problem under Democratic leadership.
    Guns and abortion still the big issues. Economy is next. JOBS, with good pay and benefits are maybe coming back. Every expert is saying long term, no. Jobs are changing and expect fewer of them. No one seems to have a real plan for the future.
    WE are entering the times of change and most of the political class is clueless. We throw money at healthcare and punishment to lawbreakers. More tests at school kids and less money for schools and teachers.
    We need to talk, but nobody is hearing. The independent voter has no voice and the media is progressives talking to themselves. In between looking down their noses at the workers who just do not understand.
    Going to be an interesting mid term election.

  • disqus_sCx3mPQYSD

    A wise nation should cultivate a political spirit that allows opponents to cooperate without fearing an automatic execution from their core supporters. Who knew that the real rogues in American politics would be the ones who dare to get along?

    Don't see that in the comments here or the slant of a lot of news outlets! Both sides slant things to their point of view, not just the Russians!

    If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen. But you can still disagree!

  • Combat Override

    Health care? This isn't a topic of discussion.

  • INTJ

    That's a fair assessment of what the Democrats' major issues, but it totally ignores anything that might be motivating the GOP voters.

  • 1TomLarkin9

    No mention of a strong economy or Democratic mobs; hence, more ABC fake news.