Watchdog: Interior allowed Secretary Ryan Zinke to violate travel policies


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  • Smedley D Butler

    Washington, D.C. has the stench of the Trump Hog Farm upon it. All the hogs are lined up at their troughs.

  • AlexaGuyer

    How nice that yet another member of King Trump's cabinet is stealing money from the taxpayer to fund luxurious vacations. Wake Up People! Remember this when you vote in November!

  • Krimson

    That’s the MAGA Life right there...

  • virgillionhere

    It's ironic the guy in charge of public lands (and swamps) is such a swamp thing in the "drain the swamp" administration.

  • Weazerdogg

    Drain the Swamp ... yeah, whatever.

    And another thing ... never trust a dude who owns a dog that weighs less than 30 pounds .... just sayin' ... :-)

  • John Springer

    Seems a big nothing burger

  • DuelingDogmas


    ANOTHER corrupt Trump Cabinet member...say it's not so. He's the smarter-est man in the world, he'd never ever knowingly hire people like that, right?

  • SpankyHamm

    In most administrations he would be resigning.

    In this administration he's going to keep his job and possibly be "promoted" to UN ambassador.

  • Ctrygrl

    Just another entitled jerk, blithely spending taxpayer money unethically and illegally. Hustle to get that political appointee in the IG position so he can be protected. How many does that make now, 4 cabinet secretaries that had no ambition but to spend as much taxpayer money as possible on their pursuits. VOTE straight D

  • Bill Paish


  • Sleddawg63

    The Trump administration. Apparently the best America can offer.

  • MRB26

    Oh what the heck, let's just let this administration do as they please. Have at it, take all the perks you can get your slimy hands on and we can disband ethics rules so you all can grift in peace

  • Rebecca Hancock

    These government official know exactly what they are doing.
    They are using the taxpayers hard earned money as their own and they know it is illegal but do not care.

  • Forward forward

    This is the most corrupt, ethically challenged administration in US history, but if it doesn't cost extra for Mrs Zinke to ride along, I don't have a problem with it, and policy should be amended to accommodate that. However, extra costs should be paid for by the Zinkes when they are incurred, and a salaried staffer should not be walking the boss's dog on 'company time'.

  • David Hoffman

    These wealthy people who end up in government have a difficult time giving up the way they live in the private business world. Having security people run errands, billing the corporation for purely private expenses, using company transportation for family needs, etcetera are usually not done in government service.

    One of the problems is that the Trump team's transition into government was poorly done. They didn't do a lot of the training and education needed prior to taking over. So what we see is a lot of on the job learning.