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  • Indie6050

    A interesting story is why the soviets never got to the moon. Google : "n1 rocket failures and the russian race to the moon "

  • Nick

    With the Soyuz grounded there are multiple problems and paths forward. First the current crew has supplies to April but there will be unmanned supply ships, the bigger problem is boosting the ISS higher which is only done by the Russian ship, and the current Soyuz capsule has a battery that discharges and it must be used return to Earth by the end of 2018. The Russians could launch an unmanned Soyuz to replace the current one and knowing the Russian spirit they might send one or two Cosmonauts with it as a risky test pilot duty, it could replace the German and Russian and that replace the capsule could boost the ISS higher. The SpaceX and Boeing manned flights could be moved up which would require more money faster which is possible also.

  • Arc_Fault_One

    We need to get back into spending money on sending people to space.