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  • somsai

    There are no more true wild horses in America. They are domestic horses gone feral. All the arguments in the world and all the legislation will not change the science of the thing. Domestic animals should never push native wildlife off the land and cause ecological destruction as horses have done. Not cattle, not pigs, not sheep, not horses. Both cattle and sheep are in decline, there are fewer on rangeland in the west every year. It's time that horses too are eliminated from all unfenced lands.

    Wolves are a wild canine, dogs are not. the same thing exists with horses. A species of wild horse did exist in America 10,000 years ago, so did lions and cheetahs and mammoths. Those animals are all extinct now, and they can't be brought back to life. Domestic horses or African lions are not the same as what was here. Why not try to manage the wildlife that now exists and stop this silly anti science imaginings.

  • lisa blanck

    it's all about who benefits monetarily. When the cattle barons and the land developers are running the FWS or the Forest Service, as they are now, and profiting off of their revised "regulations", wild animals and native species die. It's that simple. Stop electing azzes.

  • freespeechfan

    There wouldn't be "too many horses" if ranchers weren't the ones holding the puppet strings. They demand cheap grazing on public lands, our lands. It isn't about horses at all. It's about cattle. Think about that the next time you bite into dead cow. Just one more reason to stop subsidizing the numerous damages caused by the livestock industry.

  • Jane cheuvront

    Its the same excuse when it comes to all roundups.
    Horse's are not destructive when comes to grazing anywhere, they are not over populated and they are not starving. Majority of the recent horses gathered all have high body scores and are very healthy (fat).
    This is all about the livestock rancher who are increasing herd sizes to export more beef to foreign countries. Last year the Cattleman's Association made a Billion dollar deal with foreign countries for beef exports.
    Majority of range beef is exported to foreign countries who they get top dollar and only a small percentage of beef is sold in the U.S. and that's to high end restaurants and the wealthy.
    History of the livestock rancher who ever stands in their way there are always victims. They livestock rancher hasn't changed over a hundred years .Greedy.
    Horse's are competition for cattle grazing on Forest lands and public lands. Cattle are destructive going back to the early forty's that was reported in a 1947 report on public lands and Forest lands that it was reported that cattle were being removed from grazing due to over grazing and destruction.
    The Bureau of land management and the Forest service have been failing when it comes to land management since the enactment of both agencies that was enacted by the U.S. Government.
    They are land managers and poor at that, they are not horse managers.
    80 % of Americans oppose roundups, horse slaughter and the misuse of tax dollars for the purpose of roundups and holding prisons.
    As a taxpayer I do not pay taxes for terrorizing, running horses into the ground, to kill or slaughter and the abusive injuries that are caused by Forestry dept.and Bureau of land managements hired thugs livestock companies.
    These Our American wild horses and burros not the Forestry service or the Bureau of land managements.
    Who pays their wages, the American taxpayer and we are paying for these roundups that is not what I pay taxes to be misused as funding for others to profit off the backs of the American taxpayer.

  • Karen Dawn

    The headline should be, "Wild horses cleared from public land for private cattle ranchers."

  • Prophet With Honor

    It's a shame, but it will happen.

  • FasterBadger

    Activists gonna activate

  • Bayou Baby

    "The reality is they’re removing 1,000 horses from two grazing allotments, where ranchers hold permits to graze their private livestock on public lands," And there is the truth of the matter !!!!

  • ReviewTheFacts

    This country has become callous with regard to life, as long it isn't their own. (aside: When people start being rounded up like these horses, it's time to vote out the perpetrators.)
    Also, hammer your representatives with complaints, and let them know this isn't right, and offer alternative solutions. Whatever you do, VOTE IN NOVEMBER..

  • Thomas

    It is OK for ranchers to allow their cattle to graze only to be later sent to slaughter houses, but it is not OK for horses that have grazed on that land to be sent to slaughter houses?

    I wonder how much of this is based on the emotional feeling that horses are cute and lovable?

    There are no natural predators for these horses o there the only way that nature can provide the balance is to allow the horses to starve to death.
    Unless a safer place can be found to move these horses to, it might be more humane to slaughter the horses instead of allowing them to starve to death.

    I would rather not see the horses killed, but what are the alternatives?

  • somsai

    There are too many horses. They are destroying the habitat and ecosystems in which they occur. It's long past time to euthanize. The horses are not wild, they are feral.

  • Alice Girard

    Leave the horses alone. Remove the invasive cattle. This is all for the benefit of the big ranchers not the horses. You know it would also help if humans stopped breeding like rabbits and leave some room for the animals. There are by far too many damn humans on this planet. And please no lectures on human life. I,for one, don't believe that all human life is sacred. Don't believe the lies from the BLM.

  • tj

    '... and when you have far too many animals than the land can carry...' Isn't it nice how certain agencies cherry pick the sciences to fit their agenda. Humans are animals. When will the same science data stand true for all animals instead of just those that are a nuisance to a small number of humans. If they truly believed these horses were a problem they should relocate them, not sell them like objects, as if they hold any ownership over them. Despicable.

  • CaptnBlynd

    "and demanding that the acting director of the federal agency "halt any sales of wild horses" until the director responded to her questions."
    After all, everyone has to do what a progressive demands. This sort of arrogance used to be associated with the other side of politics. That is why I switched sides in my voting. I always vote against those who think they have the right to tell others what to do.

    We reduce the population or they all starve. If you feel so strongly against it, adopt them and pay for their care. Personally I would do the societal math. A million or so homeless and tens of millions hungry in this nation alone; too many horses. I think the solution is obvious.
    Spare me your moral objections until you have experienced going without food for days at a time on a regular basis. Meat is meat. We have such strong social taboos against cannibalism so that you remain off the menu.

  • Dicazi

    What is the activists' solution?
    Let the animals starve? "Survival of the fittest."

    Chemical birth control doesn't work very well on wild horses. A mare so treated gave birth in the late fall, captured in a Nature doc on PBS. Dangerous for all, including the others in her band.

    And horses are expensive to keep. To feed, house and provide medical care for. I've seen some horrendous examples of abuse on local tv news.