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  • Juggles

    Wow.... and just when I thought Ethan Couch had the most punch-able face in the world, this clown shows up in the news and unseats the Couch... What an arrogant p****.

  • Scott Gore

    And maybe giving up the chairman's job was what Musk wanted all along.

  • S1M0N369

    This how they take your company. Elon needs to get it together or move to desolve and reorganize. Tesla and spacex were great ideas but ideas are stolen when they become too much for the inventor to manage. I pray that Elon comes back to himself and gets back to brass tacks. Oh and leave the women alone Musk. To a dreamers, they are killers of dreams. Leave the pot and heifers alone.

  • snake

    At this stage Tesla would be better served by Musk being replaced with a more disciplined and focused CEO.