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  • ReviewTheFacts

    Does this include "shooting someone in Times Square?" or just making people disappear?
    We'd like to know.

  • CBinMd

    I expect some document(s) to come to light before the mid-term elections, it will be interesting to see WHERE they come from...

  • j penske

    So Trump met with Kanye, and he keeps talking about the Russia probe. In the meantime, people in the Florida panhandle just got devastated by Michael. That shows how much he cares about the Floridians. Shouldn't he at least be in Florida throwing out paper towels ?

  • kcmookie

    I actually like the fact that the Russian investigation has been relegated to the back page the past week or so by the media. Let things die down a bit, guys like Mueller work best when left to simply do their job. Hopefully we will get some closure after the mid-terms.

  • kritikosman

    Mueller will do what's necessary too.

  • cammosutra

    Nunes should be taken to the woodshed. No medal of honor or freedom, no $200 for passing go. Straight to the woodshed. He has done huge damage to a very important US House Committee on which he serves. For which I suspect Putin is very happy about

  • molimelight

    What's scary is that, even if there was overwhelming evidence of Trump's knowledge of his campaign engaging the Russians in an effort to influence the election and he was impeached in the House, the hard core Trumpites in the Senate (McConnell & Graham & Grassley, Etc.) would not vote to convict. They are drunk with power and like the feeling it gives them too much to put country first.

  • Mike D

    If Canada can find a great candidate why can't we? This is a big country.

    "An opinion poll conducted earlier this year revealed more Americans would like Mr Trudeau to occupy the White House than Mr Trump." -- Sky

  • Jay Seifert

    So why is the blowhard doing a campaign rally DURING the hurricane? Did not this hypocrite criticize Obama for doing the EXACT same thing. Freaking CRIMINAL POTUS!

  • Ptah

    This should be interesting, since to do him any good it would have to happen before the election. Most of Don the Con's options are worse than having the investigation continue. He could Fire Rosenstein and then Mueller. That would go over well. He could fire Jeff Sessions and then Mueller. Equally bad, or worse. Lastly he could actually try to testify under oath. Assuming he didn't immediately burst into flames after "So Help Me God," he would probably immediately perjure himself. So, Nope, Not going to Happen! His Facilitators and Co-Conspirators would probably tackle him, take away his phone, and tie him up unil after the election if he even tried to do any of those. They know how it would end.

  • MauiOhana808

    "whatever is "necessary to get it over with" claiming the investigation has caused "division" and is "bad for the country."

    I would say that donye is bad for our country and he has caused division!!!!
    Thank you Special Prosecutor Mueller, the grand jury and YOU the America Voter!!!!
    Aloha :^D

  • Forward forward

    Everything except tell the truth.

  • Sj Watson

    How does he even move with the weight of his ego?

  • Clyde Delgato

    Given that Trump is now the standard for what it means to be "Presidential", I seriously envision Kanye as our next President. He is exactly what we apparently want in a President. He has all the skills we require of a President and he is also obviously a stable genius. Assuming were still a country in 2024, if Trump decides to step down and assuming the Presidency doesn't just pass to Donald Jr., Kanye will be the next President of the United States. No doubt about it. When it happens remember I called it.

  • RohnertPark1

    Hopefully the resolution is Trump's resignation.

  • Nearl56 12

    Nice summary of Trump abuse of power.

  • okiejoe

    We could give Nunes the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate. That hasn't been presented in a while and he certainly deserves it.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Get Pence to sign a postdated pardon and walk away.

  • BLW51

    "Current lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani, told ABC News in August that his team had submitted a response to special counsel Robert Mueller asking to limit the scope of an interview with Trump especially as it relates to obstruction of justice." In other words, Mueller wouldn't be able to ask any questions that might cause Trump to admit doing anything wrong or perjure himself.

  • Thermador Goldin

    Plead guilty.

  • Guiseppe Bootsky Zwei

    "Maybe we'll call it the Medal of Freedom because we actually give them, the high awards for civilians"

    Is that even English?

  • rightened

    Isn't it great how our President made the White House on more than one occasion, and yet nobody can do anything and nobody cares? Can't even call him on it or is minions chime up that it's "old news."

  • gypsy

    Trump also said that California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes “should get
    the Medal of Honor” for his role in pushing back against the Russia
    probe. "What he's gone through, and his bravery, he should get a very
    important medal."

    What the????????

  • Robert

    What a moron.

  • Phoenix Punk

    "Hurricane Kanye can wait, let's talk about Micheal's wonderful hat."

  • Anthony

    What is holding up the Russian investigation is that Trump is president, and the Justice Department will not indict a sitting president. If Trump resigns, Mueller will indict Trump, and the Russian investigation will end.

  • Mike D

    Yeah, "just Get it Over" won't go over too well here on ABC It's their "cash cow"

  • Chuck

    Sit for questions? Perjury in 3,2,1. He would perjure himself in the first three minutes as he has lied so much he doesn't remember his own lies. His staff can't keep the lying straight either. They lie to cover the lie to cover the lie to cover the lie to cover the lie to cover the lie. It is never ending when you are so prolific at one of you best attributes.

  • Steven E

    Don't think Muller is bothered about Trump interview anymore since Cohen, Manafort, Weisselberg and Pecker all reached deals he has not seemed to be pushing for an interview. He will have all the corroborating evidence he requires. Muller has always gone with convention and will not do anything until after the midterms. Then all hell will break lose.

  • Evan German

    BASTA!! DO NOT INTERFERE with the Russian probe, you WILL be charged with obstruction of justice, treason, and REQUIRED to testify UNDER OATH without you phalanx of lawyers by your side! Every step you make undermines justice and justice WILL fight back, with the full force of the American people behind it.

  • Roger

    America looked at its choices. And said, "hmm, who is the sleaziest, most dishonest, most blatant con-artist? I want him!"
    And Trump arrived at the White House.

  • Bluejay

    Hey Donny! You want it to edn?

    Just resign!

    Oh, wait, then you can be criminally charged.....

  • Cherry

    What I'd really like to know from Trump is does he really think:

    -Black people support Kanye and therefore his MAGA chant is humming in the African American community?
    -Devin Nunes (hey, why not give Sanders a medal too for her bravery in standing before the press and telling lies) is honorable for obfuscating details from the intelligence committee?
    -People were in line overnight and all day to attend his Penn rally?

    Or does he actually know it's all unreal?