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  • B&C

    The COLAs, when they happen, typically just barely cover the increased cost of Medicare.

  • MrLightRail

    My income has been flat for the last 5 years due to Medicare Part B increases. All of my COLA goes to that.

  • TexWho

    Property taxes increased by more than my monthly Social Insecurity check.

  • larryroth702

    For the seniors that voted Republican........yes the economy is doing well....that's code for the owners are making more money than ever because of the huge tax breaks given to business and the rich. Everybodys paycheck is still barely enough to pay the bills and very soon the seniors will be asked to be patriotic and do with less Social Security and less Medicare so the deficit caused by these huge tax breaks, for you know who, can be paid for.

  • mostly content

    My medicare part D increases have already eaten that up, plus more.

  • Nick

    Call me when increases outpace inflation. Otherwise, it's a wash.

  • Henrik Moller

    "...the government is running $1 trillion deficits, partly as a result of the Republican tax-cut bill..."

    When the Democrats were running trillion-dollar deficits, did ABC opine "...the government is running $1 trillion deficits, partly as a result of Democratic over-spending..."?

  • Kalinysta

    Big deal. So I'll get an extra $30 per month in my check and then they'll do what they did last time - take that $30 away to pay for the Medicare premium increase and I'll be back where I started from. Sigh. That's what happens after spending 45 years working, putting into the system and getting very little in return. Please don't harass me about "why didn't you save for your retirement?" Guvna happens and unfortunately it happened to me. I was able to save some, but not enough, and certainly no one expected costs, especially health care costs, to rise as high as they did. Heck I remember when doctors made house calls.