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  • Thao D

    It is good new for the economy.It can not go high for the recession

  • TechnicalFallVictory

    It's up 200 today. Sorry Trump haters - the sky was not falling, as I predicted. Carry on.

  • george

    I am sure people are looking at the cause and the effect. If Trump's trade policies are the cause then perhaps China selling off debts might be the effect. Whilst he accepts the plaudits for the boom he now need to address the situation and accept he is also responsible for the dip as it is no one else's fault.

  • Ronny Demeyere

    China's exports during the last year rose by + 14.5%, while imports from the US rose by + 14.3%. China's annual surplus with the US has risen to +31.4 bilion dollars. The major technology companies intel, apple now report that all their prices will rise due to trade taxes. Who is the victim of this trade war? It is the ordinary American citizen and the farmers who export to China. But according to the American president, the farmers do not care because they are his best friends. Only the ordinary American citizen will have to pay far more everywhere.

  • mtntrek3

    Eh, it's looking as though it'll rebound today, hopefully. Overall though, it's a house of cards. Over speculation and over leveraging, which lead to bubbles that eventually burst. A crap shoot controlled by the high rollers at the end of the day. Sadly, their games can lead to economic ruin for the rest of us (on main street).

  • Ptah

    This sell off cost me $18K. But you know What? If it helps people realize that that it's time to throw Trump's facilitators and co-conspirators out of congress and put the Democrats in charges, it's worth every penny.

  • SoCalSteve

    Better get into commodities.
    Metals and Mining
    Oil Drillers
    Oilfield Services

  • DeWitt Vargas

    Yeah , but her emails!!!

  • DeWitt Vargas


  • John Smith

    Love the comments about it just correcting itself. Of course it’s correcting itself to all the crap trump did to it

  • Jamie Vetter

    More markets are open now, China, Korea, Australia and India are bucking the trend we have in the US. Their markets are going up.

  • Jamie Vetter

    I see China just posted its largest trade surplus with the US in history, which is the opposite of what Trump thought would happen. Our farmers can't sell them grain but they're still selling stuff to us. Don't expect to see talk radio or fox mention this.

  • Trumptanic

    Looks like a trillion dollar debt and eliminating the EPA restrictions on company polluters,will only bring the economy and jobs around for a short period.

  • Jamie Vetter

    Did anyone see the comedy routine about Hannity and how he condemned rap musicians under Obama but praises them under Trump. Funny stuff. Are conservatives used to being fed a diet of waste that they don't care about intellectual consistency? Do they believe "in anything" other than hating Democrats?

  • SearingTruth

    Well, at least the pledge of allegiance has been shortened fellow citizens.

    I pledge allegiance, to Donald Trump, mumble mumble ...

    "An ideal of ultimate humanity and a people willing to defend it. That used to be America."

  • Jamie Vetter

    Wouldn't it be interesting to see Asian investors dump US stocks as a kinda "in your face" kinda thing?

  • Colinalcarz

    The market is doing exactly what Cohn and others told Trump it would do if he went ahead with tariffs. Trump wanted to own the upturn so he has to own the downturn as well, there is more to come.

  • David Hoffman

    Actually attempting to interfere with the Federal Reserve is political suicide. It has been that way for many decades. From Carter until today all USA Presidents have at times disliked the actions of the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve only cares about having low inflation. If they have to destroy the entire economy to accomplish that then they will do it. Republican President or Democratic President, it does not matter, the Federal Reserve will kill off a substantial percentage of the USA economy if they believe that action is needed to reduce inflation. If the Congress and the President take actions that increase inflation too much then the Federal Reserve will take action. It is not personal, it is business. It's what they do. Scorpions sting. They just do. It is not directed at you because they don't like you, it's just what they do.

  • SearingTruth

    Gosh darn Mexicans fellow citizens.

    And Muslims.

    Who would have thought they could be so insidious?

    Doing all that American stuff and not pledging allegiance to President Trump ...

    Grrrr ....

  • Hugo Diedericks

    The trump Slump, when you can no longer ride on your predecessors success

  • SearingTruth

    Greed is powerful fellow citizens.

    But hope for its defeat is invaluable.

    Because in most countries, like America, hope is the last thing we can deliver.

    "Any Americans who still wonder how Adolf Hitler could have brought Germany to its knees, and the globe to its destruction, are sleeping so soundly they cannot be woken."

  • I Luv U

    “The United States is one of the world’s richest, most powerful and technologically innovative countries; but neither its wealth, nor its power, nor its technology is being harnessed to address the situation in which 40 million people continue to live in poverty,”wrote Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights.

  • Ptah

    And we stay have another day to go. This is fun just before an election that republicans are almost totally basing on what a wonderful job Trump has done on the economy. Too bad reality intruded. I wonder how they are going to try making this the Democrat's fault?

  • SearingTruth

    Get ready for the final excuse fellow citizens ...

    "It's better to have one arm chopped off than two."

  • MichaelAndrewsUSA

    "I am 100% responsible for the market going up but am 0% responsible when it goes down".

    Logic only a Trumpster can understand

  • OneMoreYes32

    And I think I know about it better than they do, believe me," Trump said.

    I don't think I would ever believe Trump.

  • Dred Scott

    Well, the 18 months are up, welcome to Donald Trumps economy!!!!

    Recession, then Depression soon to follow!!!

  • cammosutra

    Just in time for the midterms. Way to go, President Turnip!

  • SearingTruth

    "I too relish small government.

    Just large enough to cherish and protect the innocent, the poor, and the suffering."

  • mik8888

    It's kind funny in a way, that our favorite Trumpers have been rather quiet today...nobody claiming how wunnerful Donald is, heh heh...

  • Liberal Southern Baptist

    I guess the Obama Effect of 76 months of straight job growth & the stabilization of the worst American economy since the Great Depression is over...