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  • c.g.

    So sad that poor trophy wife has to live in the "dump" of the White House.....and now thinks she is so bullied.....

  • Jen Bordon

    So you distrust some in the West Wing?
    Well guess what, princess.
    They distrust you and your lying, idiot husband even more.

  • concernedvoter

    Of course now she's the most bullied person in the world, not Mrs Ford or anyone else she is right.. just like Kellyann now claims to have been a victim of sexual assault, yeah right... She's married to a Billionaire, flies around the world in ridiculously out of place outfits doing nothing living large, now she wants Pitty?? These Trump hacks are so full of crap..

  • c.g.

    Poor current trophy wife....she feels "bullied"...ha,ha.. I guess she now thinks she is a victim...ha,ha. Maybe if she got off her asssss and started to act like a First Lady and actually do some good for this country she may not feel so "bullied'.

    It took her forever to even move into the White House, a year or so to decide on what she wanted to do and has spent most of her time entertaining......she is the WORST First Lady in modern times.....

  • ctla567

    She is bullied by Trump everyday.

  • Lethe

    Hey, Melania, we have Michelle Obama on line 2. She's like to have a word with you.

  • SonnySky

    To wear a coat that is written "I don't care" merely proves you do care but only about yourself and what you are wearing is more important than very serious issues that are facing this country when you decided to wear it. Your place is to learn the customs of America and the American people not what your wearing. This is a free country were people express their own opinions. There is a time and place for everything. Going to disaster areas or a place where children are imprisoned is not a runway walk for designers to ooh and aaah you. I don't think you know what bullying means. Listen to your husband in his rallies and you will learn and understand the meaning. For me to say spike heels are wrong attire in a flood area is constructive criticism not bullying.

  • c0reDump

    Of course she thinks she is the most bullied, look who she has to live with. The "man" has cheated on her at least two times and paid out over 300k for them to stay quiet. Don't understand why someone would stay married to a cheater.

  • tammy1021

    Clean up on aisle 3!! They already started "what she meant to say". We hear that alot these days.

  • concernedvoter

    Claims to be one of the most bullied persons in the world yet She hasn't said a word about her husband mocking Mrs Ford at those Cult Rallies, not a word about her Husband Mocking Ms Feinstein, making fun of her Age, and her shaking while at the Hearings.. Nothing about that, this woman is simply a Trump Hack..just like Kellyann, Huckabee etc etc..

  • concernedvoter

    She was a Present from Putin to Trump, trained to obey, please and not question anything her master does..

  • just saying

    not much of a leader if you feel sorry for yourself.

  • John S. Henchey

    She says she's a Mutha...So is her husband.

  • just saying

    now i know how she feels about him...when his affairs mean nothing to you. she probably encourages him to have an affair, maybe she even sent stromy a thanks you note.

  • NuffAlready

    It's quite obvious that Donald and Melania hadn't quite thought through this brilliant idea of his to run for President. It could, with some Russian help, turn out that he'd be elected President! Whouda thunk?

    Had either of them previously ever watch the news through an election process to see what scrutiny they would fall under?

    This is all rhetorical, of course. Neither of them have been blessed with great judgement.

  • David

    I wonder if she ever saw the kid in high school with cerebral palsy being tripped by a group of cruel boys, or the homely overweight girl who was tricked into believing that the star football player asker her to the prom, maybe the poor kid who was laughed at because he ate "free lunches" then there's the kid who's dumb mother didn't believe in soap so he smelled bad and was the butt of cruel jokes. No, she's hardly the most bullied person in the world.

  • Bob Roberts

    I really don't care. Do You?