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  • Jiba

    All I can say is: pack and move to Colorado Spring and you will never see a hurricane again

  • sg

    People keep saying "well why would you choose to live there". So i can challenge you to think of places where its impossible for a natural disaster to ever strike.

    That would mean that no one should live anywhere in the western states due to possible earthquakes. Hawaii should be abandoned due to volcanic activity. The entire midwest from the rockies to the appalachians should be evacuated due to tornado activity.

  • Bill William

    People will build new houses there.

  • B E D G

    I feel guilty for being dry and comfortable.

  • Trumptanic

    For hundreds of years,man has tried to develope communities on the Gulf beaches.And time and time again those communities have been wiped out by hurricanes.It's not a matter of IF,it's a matter of WHEN.

  • Trumptanic

    Just a thought.
    The beaches in Florida are nice.
    Sunshine,gulf breeze,and the beach itself.Real nice place to enjoy life.
    HOWEVER,anyplace right on the water is not a good,long term,investment.It's a gamble.Much like Vegas.The house (hurricane) will always win.

  • molimelight

    When I heard one of the Hurricane Center forecasters talking he said that the thing that didn't figure in their predictions was that the gulf water was 5 to 6 degrees higher than normal so it fed the storm at a much quicker rate and it intensified quickly. My question is, "Why didn't you know that the water was 5 to 6 degrees warmer so that could be put into your predictive formulas? Don't you have buoys out there that tell you the water temperature?" Now maybe all of those people in Florida who voted for Trump will understand how the people of Puerto Rico feel.

  • Retired and Happy

    How come the posters who said it’s all exaggerated don’t come back to apologize?

  • mylilelar

    Why don't the insurance companies put the hammer down on these people when they build again? No trees close by that can fall on your house. Upgrade the construction or make them out of reinforced concrete the higher windows. My wife and I also have a house in the Philippines that took a direct hit from typhoon Mangkut with 130 MPH winds. Came out perfect.

  • molimelight

    Has Trump thrown any paper towels yet?

  • mm

    I wonder if there will be hurricanes happening in areas of the world where they aren't expected. I live in Calif, and we are just in this perpetual drought, but I wonder if all of a sudden we could be hit with a hurricane? Since global warming is changing things, what can we expect?

  • MauiOhana808

    Aloha :^o

  • Me2

    Those pictures reminded me of hurricane Maria, right down to the fallen billboard that crushed a building (which I still see every day on my way to work). It’s crazy.

  • Emoji Trump

    So we haven't seen that before. And I guess you have two or three cases where maybe there might have been slightly stronger wind. But this is in history

  • rob522

    Stupid republicans still think climate change is a hoax.

  • BD70

    Wonder what happened to the red tide. It get washed up onshore in all its nastiness?

  • Roger

    Houses and cars can be replaced. Humans cannot.

    May God take into His arms those who died and comfort their families.

  • rightened

    Thanks for the reminder as to why I don't want to move to a hurricane state...

    My cousin just sold his house and moved down there with his wife a few months ago, only to have to go further downstate to stay with my uncle (who can go off-grid and use propane). Luckily they don't own a house yet and have been renting instead.

  • akram bhai

    What hurricane, there is no such thing as hurricane. It is a Chinese hoax, all images are CGI made by NASA, just like they do with that round Earth hoax.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Imagine how much worse it would have been if the storm stalled on the coast rather than moving inland.