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  • ReviewTheFacts

    Trump twiddles while Florida turns, and turns, and turns....
    He claims his thoughts and prayers are with the victims. That's an empty sentence, because he doesn't pray, and he has no cogent thoughts!

  • Red Hawk

    "Plus, can't Air Force One be anywhere in an hour?"== AF1 has a warp engine?

  • Nick Falbo

    One supporter, Lynne Rudzinski from Erie, said she was glad the president came for the rally over presiding over storm response. “He has other people that can take care of that,” she said. "Plus, can't Air Force One be anywhere in an hour?"

    The answer is, No! No it can't. It is physically impossible (if she is referring to the 747 which is only called air force one when the president in aboard, any air force craft with the president aboard is referred to as Air Force One) with today's technology to fly over 750 miles (the distance between Washington DC and Central Florida, never mind the fact that due to weather a 747 would not be able to land in Florida) in a 747 in an hour. Or even better fly over 1000 miles in an hour in a jet that has a top speed of roughly 570 miles an hour. Math and science are hard I guess......

  • David

    He can't say "the one that got away" because of the #MeToo? Well, not too sure about that, but I bet there's been several NY AG's that have said that about the Trump family for decades. I just hope one Special Prosecutor won't be saying that.

  • Art


  • Sal Monela

    ....you know there’s an expression but under the rules of #MeToo, I’m not allowed to use that expression any more....
    Anyone know what he is blabbering about?

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Trump doesn't care about anything or anyone but himself. He needs his adulation, and even if people need to be paid to cheer him, and listen to his ravings, he's good with that. At least it keeps him out of DC, giving the people who are running things a respite. Sad that they're dismantling this country and giving everything to billionaires and mega corporations.

  • JustTruthPlease!

    Trump ratings so low FOX cancels >>>

    “...In the first year of his presidency, Donald Trump’s odd campaign rallies had been broadcasted live by pretty much every major news network, whether it was Fox News, CNN or MSNBC. As the months wore on, however, both CNN and MSNBC stopped broadcasting these rallies, instead opting to either cover highlights and outtakes from the events, or just not reporting on them at all.

    Now it appears as if Fox News has also decided that Trump rallies are not bringing in the viewership and ratings they once did, and has pulled the plug on full, live broadcasts. Fox News, the president’s preferred news network, made the decision apparently this week during a string of Trump rallies leading up to the midterm elections on November 6....”
    The Hill Brian Krassenstein

    The White House said they will be “looking” into this. (Que the music theme from Darth Vader)

  • jimrussell

    Democrat Casey is so far ahead he can't see his Republican challenger in the mirror. Then Trump goes on in his divide America style and tells 3 or 4 giant lies that his moon eyed clueless lemmings have no idea that they are laughably untrue and ignorantly clap and chant like 3rd graders. Because Trump is so unpopular he has the need to have these rallies where the naive, gullible, ignorant, and insecure white fear and loathing will fawn over him. The rock bottom 3rd of America supporting a President feeding his manic insecurities rather than his and their endangered and suffering fellow American's in Florida.

  • mrevilo

    Commander bone spur just bein' the D I C K in chief as usual...

  • Hater_Baiter

    I noticed there were no blacks 4 trump at the last few rallies.

  • E W

    The Sociopath won't let anything get in the way of his endless taxpayer-funded self-aggrandizement tour.

  • ogrot

    The current rep count in PA is 12 - 6 in favor of Republicans despite the fact that PA is a blueish purple state. The newly drawn districts look to make PA a 9 - 9 state in the best of possible outcomes this midterm.


    Ego man loves his little feel good rallies. When one has paper thin skin, it's almost a requirement.

  • Clayton Delaney

    Unfortunately for the people in Florida trump will screw this up just like he did in Puerto Rico.

  • Rabbit2011

    I doubt there were as many people in attendance as stated unless it was held in a smaller space than usual. The people behind Trump seemed spaced far apart. None of these people have a heart, just like Trump. People are suffering after the effects of a hurricane, a Washington Post journalist was killed by the Saudi Arabians, we have children locked up in detention camps who may never see their parents again and these people would rather listen to this idiot and his lies. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • GG™

    Pointless ego rally. None of the candidates he’s stumping for have a prayer in November.

  • Chuck

    He will never cancel a Worship Rally! He needs the daily call of stupid people feigning their admiration, and bolstering their simpleton lives!

  • Nearl56 12

    Read that Trump has reverted to mentioning Hillary and Russian collusion in this rally?

    Jeesh. Get some new phony material.

  • Steve in CT

    6,500 people. There are more people at a Connecticut Sun WNBA game. Pennsylvania is going back to Blue

  • mtntrek3

    There's too much of a reality tv mentality in our country, as is obvious w/ his carnivals. ...

  • Dicazi

    In 2012, several days after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, Donald Trump bashed Obama for attending a campaign event.

    Today, Trump attended a campaign event while Hurricane Michael was hitting Florida and Georgia.

  • Bodee84

    The "crowd" behind him looks pretty thin.

  • subtext9

    Trump is safe from Hurricane Michael inside his rally bubble universe, but somewhere in the back of his paranoid mind he is thinking: Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti, Michael Bloomberg . . .

  • Jamie Vetter

    Look at the opening page of ABC News. What does it look like? News or republican propaganda. They don't even pretend to have journalists anymore. Years ago, they pretended to be fair.

  • gmannfromchitown

    What a classless piece of garbage being worshiped by a basket of deplorables.

  • I Luv U

    "The US-Saudi relationship is certainly not about shared moral values," House said. "It's about shared security interests."

    Morality coupled with decency and respect is unimportant in the vocabulary of the US administration, both home and abroad. How pathetically sad.

  • Tstruck

    And the dip stick just bad mouthed McCain on Fox ... maggot.

  • Nearl56 12

    So I’m curious.

    No mention of the stock market in his little rally?

    Just a couple “lock her up”’s?
    Does the President have some proof that Feinstein leaked that story that they were all trying to keep secret about Brett Kavanaugh’s earlier alcoholism? ( That we all had every right to know.)

  • Planet Earth

    as usual donald telling his people who they need to hate. hate, hate hate hate, and more hate....that's all these things are.

  • Joe Leggio

    Trump is reveling in the murder of journalists. He has publicly called
    them "the enemy of the people." He has had them isolated in holding
    pens at his "rallies" he says, "for their own protection."

    the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Riyadh agents allegedly kidnapped,
    killed and dismembered a dissident journalist who was writing for The
    Washington Post in exile. Our intelligence intercepts, which would go
    immediately to the President and his Son-in-Law Jared Kushner also
    referred to our "Duty to Warn" Khashoggi.

    Trump has blood on his hands, and so does Kushner. He will go to rallies and deflect to criticizing the Fed over an 800 point drop in the stock market, and try any number of distractions from his planned war on the "enemy of the people." Trump is starting to have his cronies kill journalists.

    If hurricanes make it tough for poor people to cast their votes in southern states, then Trump will call that a 'victory' too.

  • carcar

    Once he found out it wasn't going to hit Mar-A-Lago, he felt fine to go to the rally. Once the death toll rolls in, it will still be a rousing success since he keeps insisting Puerto Rico was a rousing success.

  • Cherry

    They should've named it hurricane Mitch.

    So much ramming without apology, it seems more apropos.

  • reality25

    Another "Look at me. I'm Jesus the Messiah" rally.

  • bil

    Laser focused on the tasks on hand...raising money while people are suffering. 'Thoughts and prayers for those in Florida', then he begins talking about Florida and the electoral process! Send more paper towels...He criticized Obama for touring areas hit by Sandy 6 days after that hurricane. Self-absorbed narcissist.
    Nothing like listening to the Great Pumpkin going through the 'greatest hits' for the umpteenth time.

  • Carly sue

    Another diverse crowd at another Dump rally.....basket of deplorables

  • John Smith

    Trump offers his thoughts a prayers for the hurricane victims. That's all you are gonna get for your vote too. You are on your own.

  • Powderedtoastman

    President Donald Trump directly accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in a conspiracy with Russia to affect the 2016 election during a campaign rally here Wednesday night.

    "There was collusion between Hillary, the Democrats and Russia," Trump said, just after his supporters had chanted "lock her up" about Clinton. "There was a lot of collusion with them and Russia and lots of other people."

    Wow. I don't even know what say anymore, Trump's words are actually becoming criminal now.

  • Alex Ross

    When one of our States is in danger - go out and tell the under-educated some MORE lies.

    THIS is the Trump way.


  • Nearl56 12

    The victims of Michael don’t need your thoughts and prayers.

    They need help ($$$) in a little while.

  • snake

    An ugly old man in front of an ugly crowd chanting"lock her up". A perfect evening for a trumper.