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  • sharwant

    Requiring people to explain the source of wealth, especially the big spenders with undeclared income was first used over eight decades ago by USA Income Tax Authorities on the alleged gangster Al Capone.
    Due to high rate and expanding level of CORRUPTION especially among those in positions of power over Public-Corporate-Religious-Charities-Sports and other TRUST FUNDS including their management by Professionals
    and laws perceived to be biased to be favoring those with power over Trust Funds and non-effective enforcement coupled with non-deterrent penalties [which in some cases can also be 'negotiated'] may have given rise
    to resulted in the CORRUPTION VIRUS [and also Mismanagement-Fraud-Collusion-Cronyism-Bribery-Kickbacks-Nepotism versions of the virus] may have spread to almost every sphere of life. [Refer to Transparency
    International-Surveys by International Professionals Firms-ACFE-and others]
    There have been other countries where spouses of some leaders may have been doing what this case of 'WOMAN FACES CORRUPTION CHARGES FOR ALLEGEDLY SPENDING $21M AT HARRODS' is being charged for.
    Another way of discovering undeclared wealth is the IMPOSITION OF ESTATE DUTY OR INHERITANCE TAX ON THE WEALTH OF THE DECEASED which law was common several decades ago but was abolished possibly
    with the advise of economists/tax experts to enable those in power to hide their ill-gotten wealth. BUT NOW THERE MAY BE A NEED TO REINTRODUCE IT.
    This may be another ways to increases public revenue and reduce public debt.

  • McDuff

    Send her back to azerbijian, she doesn't deserve to live among the cultured and civilized with her stolen money.

  • David

    I always pay with cash from my drug dealing and bank heists, only use debit/credit cards amounts that can be easily verified through my legitimate income which is laundering money for Donald Trump. Kidding, I really don't work for Donald Trump.......even criminals should have a moral code.

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    This whole story sounds like a bad movie script..

  • Robin

    Even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't want to accumulate all that "stuff". Just ewwww. Must be a sickness.

  • EK the greek

    Just like madoffs family

  • John S. Henchey

    Can she put her "Severe financial penalties" on her debit card?

  • Hawkman100

    This woman's lawyers (no, apologists) really have their work cut out for them in trying to explain away her outrageous spending and source of income.

    They had better hope that there's a few dollars left at the end of all this to pay their undoubtedly outrageous invoices.

  • BRP

    I suspect that if we had the ability to issue Unexplained Wealth Orders in the US, the pace of real estate sales in Manhattan for multi-million dollar condos and penthouses would decrease dramatically.