WH proposal would disband security details for Pruitt and at other agencies


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  • Deep Cover

    "... officials justified the cost and nature of Pruitt’s security detail as a response to an "unprecedented number of threats" against him." Did someone threaten to take away his used Trump Hotel mattress?.

  • K. E. King

    WHY do ANY Agency heads need "security"? Answer: they don't except to gratify their egos. If they are properly doing their jobs, they do not NEED additional protection, and if they are not doing their jobs -- we don't need them and won't miss 'em. Most importantly, Pruitt pulled his "security" from the Criminal Enforcement office depriving his agency of the ability to investigate and enforce the most serious violations of environmental laws and regulations (just what Trump and Pruitt want). Send the agents back to environmental crime, and the Fish and Wildlife Service Special Agents back to their jobs of protecting our resources and prosecuting evil doers. Meanwhile, let Zinke and Pruitt open their own doors, carry their own briefcases and look out for themselves!

  • Prophet With Honor

    Little Man Syndrome.

  • Verity Pendelton

    One of the most horrible men in this administration, along with Zinke.

  • BurmeseDude

    The job that Pruitt performs, seems to only involve wasting tax payers' exorbitant amount of money, rolling back any protections from Obama's era, receiving unethical perks and favors, having EPA employees run around for his errands, and getting a nice job/gig for his wife.

    He's enriching personal assets with his job. Hey there you go. He's Enriching Personal Asset chief.

  • fmd160

    Moving the protection from one agency to another isn't going to cover-up the abuse that has already happened, with no absolute possibility that it will really change the problem at all. It's just a step to remove the focus to a problem that has been ignored by the Trump Administration.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Who is the security detail supposed to protect him from? Mother nature? I hear she is pi$$ed at him.

  • bee's knees

    Maybe we could just dump Pruitt and hire someone who isn't universally despised AND actually wants to protect the environment.

  • Truthfully

    Republicans saving OUR TAX DOLLARS Again??

    The Republicans come in and think we gave them a BLANK Check??

    Time to VOTE Out the trump enablers!!!

  • Prophet With Honor

    My former boss served as Deputy and Acting Secretary of a large agency. For eight years he had ONE driver/bodyguard,
    Then again, he was a man.

  • Independent

    I know a way to save money but I do not think Pruitt would like my suggestion

  • Nearl45 61

    Just another curr in this Administration.

  • Indie6050

    Why does this guy (Pruitt) still even have a job there ?