N. Korea hails ‘unbreakable’ ties with China in Beijing meetings, while Kim Jong Un again calls for ‘step-by-step’ denuclearization


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  • ruelph

    Again, Trump is being played by both North Korea and China.

  • TexWho

    Kim mastered the book "The Art of the CON".

  • inonepeice

    Most knew it was China not Trump, and now China has taken the lead in world trade and even Climate change. Thanks Trump??

  • Thelightlady

    Trump got played. Putin and Xi must have had a real big laugh.

  • hold-the-phone

    "... step by step..."
    Translated from the original Korean: "You first, Donald. Big steps please. Then, we'll consider the status and talk some more..."

  • arriba65

    Hey Donald - how's that smashing success of a NK meeting coming along?

  • P-dizzle

    Replaced my ignorant question. Sorry.