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  • Treblig56

    "We'll close down the country because we need border security." - Trump. Does he even know what he is saying while he is saying it? You can't "close" the US as you would close the bar at Mar-A-Lago because there are too many drunk and rowdy people in... Just a phrase like this should disqualify him from being president...

  • Eagle1000

    Root cause has to be addressed

  • JuPMod

    Meh. I say let Trump shut down the government. Let us see how much the people will agree with him and the Republicans when November comes.

  • c.g.

    At this point....who cares if the gov is shut down? If some vacationers aren't going to be able to go to Fed parks....if gov employees are sent home....if the stock market goes down and it costs the US a lot more $.....who really cares?

    Let Comrade Trump run the country into the ground.....better for the Dems to take over Congress... Hope he does it right before the midterm elections....

    A Dem president will take over and fix the mess that Comrade Trump has left the country in.....just like Obama fixed the mess that Bush left the country in.....

  • c.g.

    Ha,ha....I thought Mexico was going to built that wall? They were going to pay for it? Or is that just ANOTHER lie by Comrade Trump that the gullibles fell for....ha,ha.

  • GarfieldRocks

    My guess is that Donald will shut down the government if the money isn't there for his stupid wall. I think the reason he's so bent on getting this wall is that he stands to gain from it personally. Like the ZTE deal where Donald lifted sanctions on ZTE in return for a deal to build a Trump hotel and condos at a theme park in Indonesia that China is investing in.And today we learn that China has now approved 5 more trademarks for Ivankas businesses.

  • JDC1

    Trump is the best thing to happen to our political system in 75 years. Think Magna Carta. Even the British empire had to rip it apart to fix it. Both parties are gonna hate it, but until we change the laws to only allow those that can vote to donate to campaigns, get rid of PAC’s, and remove special interests from controlling politics our republic will continue to fall into the abyss. Ppl need to educate themselves on history. The saying “history repeats itself” isn’t just a saying.

  • Going Strong

    And, still, Congress will not lift a meaningful finger to thwart Trump the Pitiful’s actions.

  • Truthfully

    Instead of the AMERICAN people putting up with trumps childish threats...…….

    Just Shut Down trump November 2018!!!! Vote for the American People. Vote out republicans and start moving America Forward Again!

  • catmom

    Bull! He will because he will be told it contains whatever it needs to contain to get him to sign. We ALL know he doesn't read anything. Makes no difference though. He will still get blamed for blowing the deficit.

  • earl34

    Vote against the Trump administration in November.

  • Mueller Time!

    Trump, the sociopath & narcissus that he is, frequently uses gaslighting tactics!

  • YouMayBanMeButYouCan'tBanIdeas

    With so many Republicans caught up in sex scandals, the GOP is the party of "family values." And with the trillion-dollar deficit hitting new highs daily, the GOP is also the party of "fiscal responsibility." Are you tired of winning yet?

  • Voila

    Trump's grandstanding is all about him, distracting from the truth coming out that he is a toy monkey on Putin's chain and Mother Russia is the organ grinder. Trump could obviously care less about the deficit having kicked it up to $1.5 Trillion in excess of where he was handed it after the election staged coup.

  • katerant

    Lurching from crisis to crisis is not leadership. We know you like chaos, con man, but it's really tiring in real life.

  • mik8888

    To a certain extent I'd like to see us go back to a more strict process, than even what is proposed...if any bill can't stand on it's own merits, don't ever try to squirrel it into a larger bill, as a rider...

  • Sal Monela

    I've never seen anyone with white circles around their eyes? What is the deal with Trumps eyes? Weird?

  • Sal Monela

    The yearly bills need bipartisan support to advance, which has grated on tea party lawmakers.
    With Republicans, it's always 'my way, or the highway'.Vote these worthless 'teabaggers' out of office!

  • John_Cabal

    McTurtle warning to congress members:

    "don't book tickets home that are non-refundable for the upcoming August recess"

    - no rest for the wicked.

  • b rubble

    tRump and his supporters - Doing so much, getting lots done. Jobs! By the way we're shutting down again. MAGA!

  • Guest

    Trumpomania - a severe personality disorder encompassing narcissism, racism, arrogance,
    megalomania, shallow affect, corruption, hate, pathological lying, sexual perversion, Machiavellianism, grandiosity, sociopathy, impulsivity, delusions of victimization and supremacy, and psychotic paranoia. Not to mention his constant blame put on everyone but himself. All of which he has publicly demonstrated many times. He is a walking abnormal psychology textbook. Such are the conclusions of 27 psychology professionals, most of them Republican.

  • drathvedar

    Why would North Korea trust a guy who wants to shut down his own government because he can't get his way?

  • b rubble

    With all then distractions, fighting within, vacant positions, people resigning, getting fired, on their way to jail, tRump always golfing, going on ego rallies can he afford to shutdown the government again? When do they have time to get anything done?

  • b rubble

    Donald can't even negotiate to keep the government open and he thinks he can negotiate to denuclearize a country?

  • rightened

    As a veteran, I want to know exactly how many bills are going to be held hostage over this. Remember that just last week, the new VA Health Care Bill was signed, replacing the Choice Program "at the 11th hour" and allotting $55 million to the new program. Is the budget for next year's VA Bill, to continue this program, mixed in with these? Wouldn't that mean that Trump essentially "grandstanded," taking advantage of the publicity from a desperately-endangered budgeting issue to get everyone's attention, only to ignore the bigger picture--the necessary continued funding of this "upgrade to veterans"?

  • b rubble

    Another shutdown? So instead of calling it bankruptcies for his failures now he is calling it shutdowns.

  • Guest

    Shut the govt down, Trump. Show the Republicans what a psycho narcissist you are in a way that cannot be denied.

  • Wild Turkey

    The only place more dysfunctional than Congress is the comments sections on the internet.

    No one looking for solutions, only someone to blame.

    And our tax money continues to be wasted by both parties.

  • drathvedar

    So shutting down the government builds a wall. Does that make any sense?

  • arriba65

    If Trump wants the wall, the "Dreamer citizenship for wall funding" offer is on the table.

  • mollydtt

    The GOP couldn’t figure out what Trump would sign during the 1st shutdown. The “dealmaker”turned out his lights at 10:00 p.m. and McConnell and Ryan were clueless to make any deal.
    Trump is angry and throwing another of his many tantrums. It’s just “business as usual”.
    The GOP throws up their hands and avoids interviews or blames the democrats, which is pretty bizarre, since the GOP controls everything.

  • Valen

    Dear Donald,

    Please let the Federal Government stay open, repair the fence and forget the stupid wall. Next stop the Fox interviews, tweets, campaign replays and close your mouth.

    signed, a United States citizen (which in a free society means one of your bosses)

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    E-Verify. Trump knows we don't need a wall. The solution is already there. No jobs, no illegals. It's as simple as that. WaPo had a great story on E-verify last week that showed how the law is routinely ignored. In many cases, the law is ignored because states can't find qualified workers and only illegals can fill them. If many cases, the law is ignored because the rich benefit significantly.

    No Trumper should be allowed to rant about the wall until they provide ONE reason why enforcing e-verify wouldn't work. But as we're at full employment now, enforcing e-verify could cause a downturn.

  • Abuck Stops Here

    Shouldn't trump close down Mexico's government....they're the ones being stubborn with the funding.

  • notagain

    How about they just do their job, get a budget together and if Trump vetoes it, override him.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    "We'll close down the country because we need border security."

    Does the imbecile ever listen to himself? Doesn't he realize how ignorant he sounds when he makes that statement. But obviously that is a rhetorical question as it's obvious that not only doesn't he listen to himself, he could care less what other people think. His clueless base bought his nonsense about Mexico paying for the Wall and now he wants us to go further into debt to pay for it.

    It's amazing how the Trumpers blamed Obama for the deficit when the GOP controlled the budget but they have no problem spending $80B on a useless wall. If they want a wall, they can easily set up a GoFundMe account and pay for it themselves.