Gulf Coast prepares for Alberto as heavy rain, gusty winds hit Florida


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  • ME_NZ

    Good nothing to see here folks more record bad weather events across the US but don't worry climate change is all a Chinese hoax. Lets withdraw from the Paris climate accords and burn more coal coz we need those pathetic badly paid dirty dangerous 50,000 coal jobs. Does anyone not think this doesn't cost more and more. You stupid climate change deniers proud are you ? Bad news is this is just the tip of damn iceberg of the climate catastrophe that is coming. Where is Pruitt and his EPA now? Busy cooking up a new scheme to swindle the American taxpayer no doubt and wallowing in the fat idiot Drumpf's swamp. If he digs coal sooooo much good lets give him a shovel stick him down a mine even just for one day see if he loves coal and hates the climate soooo much after that?

  • rightened

    Since the last hurricane, my uncle has been transferring everything off-grid. To date, he's got everything working off propane, from his generator to his stove; the only thing not hooked up is his dryer (the parts are taking too long to come in). Sorry, I'd just as soon not live in that region.

  • Scanlan

    Stock up on booze before it's too late!

  • FlorMedDoc

    The storm of the century. Here on the Gulf Coast of Florida we had an astounding 2 inches of rain and wind approaching 18 mph and at 4 PM Sun