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  • patriot6280

    The Feds did this very thing just before the last crash. Rapid-succession rate increases happened just before the bubble burst in 2007/2008. If the goal was to cool the economy, it worked wonders. Lock in your rates folks, lock in your rates.

  • JDC1

    I love how the article simply glossed over the balance sheet by simply saying “will continue to shrink its bond portfolio”. It’s amazing how little people know how the economy works, how the fed operates, and what all of this actually means.

  • nhteach

    I wonder if my $11 a pay period Raise will cover that?

  • MartinArcher

    This focus on the mostly irrelevant target rate of interest occurs because most people do not understand how meaningless it actually is. There are millions of different interest rates at any one point in time for different levels of assets, time periods, risk, administrative costs, etc etc etc. The general level of interest rates, surely everyone knows, are set in the financial markets by the demand for money and credit and the supply of money and credit. The Fed's target rate is merely the rate the Fed SUGGESTS banks charge one another for 24 hour reserve loans to meet their reserve requirements. It neither affects the demand for money and credit nor the supply of money and credit in the financial markets. What the Fed does that is significant is affect the supply of money and credit, and thus the general level of interest rates, with its open market activities (the buying and selling of assets). Anyone who focuses on the Fed's target rate is providing a "tell" to those interested in what the Fed is doing that is significant to the economy and interest rates - it tells the reader/listener that they do not understand how our economy and the Fed works. A good place to learn what the Fed does that is important (open market operations) and is not (target rate) is by going to Amazon and downloading Professor Lindauer's "Inflation, Unemployment, and Government Deficits: End Them." Anyone who hasn't read it shouldn't be managing their own money let along someone else's.

  • dimitri

    Can't wait for the tax rate to finally go down

  • Joe james

    What comes after trillion?....thats what the GOP wants to spend. On wars, rich friends, trump golf trips(he's at 100 trips in 13 months btw) , luxury private jets for themselves, yahts, private helicopters, putin's half, trump properties, gold toilets, you know, business supplies n junk

  • Dukedaddy

    Remember that tiny tax cut he gave you a while ago? There goes that money!

  • Stephen

    My God! This happened a year ago? Once again ABC News is right there with the scoop.

  • My Name Is Nobody

    So, the economy is stronger, the 99% should have more money, so they raise the interest rates so the 1% can get richer off of us? Why is it whenever the 99% get more money, the 1% do something to take more from us?

  • katerant

    'The February jobs report pointed to an unusually robust labor market: Employers added 313,000 jobs, the largest monthly gain in 1? years. The unemployment rate remained at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent.

    Other measures of the economy, though, have been more sluggish. Consumer spending, for example, the economy's primary fuel, has slowed. Some analysts also worry about the economic consequences of President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on imports, which risk triggering a trade war with other nations.'

    Crux of the matter. Republicans don't get that.

  • hollygo litely

    ABC is just garbage propaganda of the worst sort. Just ask yourself if the people of the United States are happier today than they were 30 years ago. Do they live with less stress, less fear, are their lives more productive and fulfilling? Is the Progressive Utopia really making the world a better place? Are more human beings acting more like vicious, soulless animals than 30 years ago?

  • Pondering It

    This is good news. The still-low rates could prove disastrous for our economy in the next economic cycle downturn. If rates are low, then the Fed is left with few tools for helping to manage the pain.

  • notagain

    When I see stores, both high end and mom and pop types closing all over, I wonder.

  • Pro-Marx

    Higher interest rates will gradually increase the cost of the existing federal debt, and Trump's tax give-away to his friends will only exacerbate that.

  • FlorMedDoc

    With a projected growth of 2.7% we are headed for a much higher inflation rate with less revenue from taxes.

    Let's hope that the great economy Obama left Trump doesn't implode as the inflation rates becomes a problem

  • Retired and Happy

    They waited to long to raise the rates and will now try and catch up which will hurt the economy.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Trumper's never disappoint. Powell is Trump's own new pick for the Fed job and he is disagreeing with Trump that tariffs are good for us. Trumpers however know better because Trump of course can do no wrong and is a brilliant businessman. The blind leading the blind.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    "BREAKING:Powell says trade policy has become a growing concern among Fed members"

    In other words. Trump's idiotic tariffs and potential trade wars are going to cause a global recession. Great negotiators find a way to make deals. They don't impose tariffs as any idiot can do that.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Wage growth? Wouldn't that be nice? Wages haven't increased in decades probably due to decreased influence of unions. The only people who have gained economically in America since 1970 has been the upper class rich. And guess who Trump helped the most as soon as he got into office? You got it. The only group that had ALREADY benefited.

    Remember, there is little incentive to increase wages except for one factor - when they can't find workers. Not a good position for most people to be in.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    "Some now envision an annual growth rate of just 1.7 percent for the quarter."

    Do Trumpers realize if we don't get a growth rate of 5-6% as Trump promised, that ridiculously low $1.5T estimated increase in our debt may double? No, they probably don't because they're still giddy about the $1.50 tax cut they got from Donnie.

  • Blue Wave

    I'm surprised it wasn't done sooner or at least 1/2 point.