Prosecutors will seek the death penalty against suspect in Parkland school massacre


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  • Shane Morrow

    Yes sir buddy. Not going to be smiling all the way to the walk. Premeditated goal to live the fame as a mass murder is not a mental illness.

  • USAF Retired

    Well deserved.

  • Meowza

    Either way he's screwed; seasoned inmates will pounce on him and make his life a living hell.

  • xThatxSamexDudex

    Now convict him and get on with it.

  • Mari Marigold

    The death penalty is most certainly in order.

  • nj

    Did the families of the victims have a say/vote in this decision? If yes, I'd defer to them but, if no, this kid has fallen through every conceivable crack in the 'system' for years and never received the help he should have.

  • George Columbo

    And rightfully so.

  • sixstrings

    i don't see any value in executing this young man.

  • End of Life Ritual

    He's 19. Put him in a supermax and let him rot for 50 years, alone in a concrete box.

  • Nick

    Why not study him for the rest of his life to find out who/what/why he did it?

    That way, we can know the warning signs and be better prepared for the next time this happens.

    Nothing good comes from his early demise at the hands of the state.

  • David West

    He's a rabid dog and needs to be killed.

  • John Michael Davis

    What he did was horrible, but I do not agree with the death penalty. This kid has some serious issues, he's a bit mental. I hope his lawyers change his plea. Life in prison, no death penalty.

  • Thomas

    If any case warrants the death penalty, it is this case.