Mar 13, 2018, 11:14 AM ET

Trump personal aide John McEntee forced out over background check issues


The bombshell firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson comes amid another shakeup in the West Wing involving President Donald Trump’s personal aide (his body man) John McEntee, who was escorted from the White House Monday, sources told ABC News. There were issues with his background clearance, according to the sources.

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News of McEntee's departure, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, came shortly after Trump tweeted that he would be replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

McEntee is the latest original Trump campaign aide to depart the White House; he follows Communications Director Hope Hicks, who resigned recently.

PHOTO: John McEntee and John Kelly listen as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with lawmakers about trade policy in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington.Evan Vucci/AP
John McEntee and John Kelly listen as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with lawmakers about trade policy in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in Washington.

As ABC News reported a week ago, there is a list of several other people with security clearance issues who are under consideration for possible termination or reassignment in the coming days. ABC News has also previously reported that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wanted to see a list of remaining White House staffers with security clearance issues.

That list, according to a source, followed standard procedures that included such options as considering whether the individual should be relieved of duty or reassigned to another administration post.

The new security clearance rules imposed by Kelly have also meant a change for another close Trump adviser: Jared Kushner. The president’s son-in-law was stripped of his temporary, high-level security clearance as a result of the new rules. That means Kushner, whose portfolio includes the solving the Middle East peace process, no longer has regular access to the nation's most closely guarded secrets as the FBI continues its nearly 15-month review of his application for permanent clearance.

PHOTO: John McEntee and White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino leave the White House with President Donald Trump Nov. 29, 2017 in Washington.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
John McEntee and White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino leave the White House with President Donald Trump Nov. 29, 2017 in Washington.

As for McEntee, he has not completely left the Trump orbit because he is headed to work for the Trump 2020 campaign. In a campaign statement released this morning, McEntee joins the re-election team “as a senior advisor for campaign operations.”

News - Trump personal aide John McEntee forced out over background check issues

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  • USAF Retired

    Are there any original Trump appointees left?

  • rightened

    Waiting for the day when this happens to Trump... patiently. Go, Mueller!

  • kritikosman

    Now the mad man wants this mess to run his next election bid! #rollin'likecrooks.

  • tatertaut

    I've only heard this once from a news channel this morning that said this guy was fired for financial crimes, and only once they said, he had child porn on his phone. I've not heard that again, so, I don't know for sure if that is the case or not. I imagine it'll come out sooner or later.

  • Lee Thompson

    Must have been something bad since he wasn't allowed to pick up his coat before being escorted out. But he's going to be working on Trump's re-election.

  • helicohunter

    Rump doesn't have any friends who are upstanding enough to get security clearance.

  • whitepine

    Sadly, Trump is still President.

  • askew

    Loved watching him play but the temper tantrums on the court were just embarrassing.

  • SpankyHamm

    Yet Jared and Ivanka still have full access. Complete nepotism and the lack of a voice from the GOP leadership is something that the voters will remember for decades.

  • duckkdownn

    McEntee is determined to be a threat to national security. In response, President Trump hires him for his 2020 campaign.

    You simply CAN'T make this stuff up.

  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    smart move by trump to move mcentee out today. the media is barely picking up on it and not asking questions about what this guy did that warranted being fired. and trump moves the security risk to his campaign staff? must be kelly wanted him gone and trump didn't

  • kritikosman

    Best people! #finetunedmachine

  • Marco

    I do not understand how he can be "draining the swamp" while filling it with so much detritus.

  • jon rhodes

    This president told us how great his vetting process would be. He can do it better than anyone. But gosh, there goes another one that can't get a security clearance.

  • Snorlaxation

    nice to see standards have fallen so far

  • EastCoastGirl

    This fool has no clue how to run this country smh.

  • Donnie The Lion

    In November 2016, millions of Americans voted for amateur hour.....and boy, are they getting what they voted for.

  • Bobo McStevens

    Did he beat his Significant others too?

  • MWP

    Journalism is dead - just what in the he!! is a 'body man'?

  • Rodney Bayburn

    I know several regular people who have high level security clearances. It isn’t super easy but it’s not like you have to be a saint either. How nasty and horrible are trump people that they can’t even get clearances? He’s fine to work at the campaign though. I suppose that already having lots of russian contacts is a help.

  • Cathy

    If you visit the WH, don't block the exit. Seems to be pretty busy these days

  • Truthfully

    Can you imagine a CEO hiring somebody with Financial issues that are bad enough they can't get a Security Clearance??
    Yet this CEO hires him again for his campaign????
    Trump doesn't have to worry he won't be elected again! Most likely he will be keeping Bubba company!

  • Workhorse43

    Hey you Trump haters, do you need any more crying towels?

  • mollydtt

    Trump couldnt pass a security clearance, but, alas, has that president loophole going for him.

  • RobertJohns

    And the Mongolian Cluster Fuddle continues.

  • Nowthatsinteresting

    Too bad previous administrations did not follow this policy.

  • Bluefire

    How can one man pick so many people with security clearance issues? I don't remember this going on with any past presidents. This seems very odd to me.

  • Lawrence Roth

    The Trump administration is like a national "Saturday Night Live" show. The laughs just keep coming.

  • Guest

    he got canned for blocking stormy's calls

  • bibleexpert

    The best people - the very best!

  • NuffAlready

    Gee....and he looks like such a clean-cut young man. He and Porter look like twins.....they must've had the same makeover

  • Bronx

    What difference does a security clearance make when Trump couldn't pass a background check himself and is known to have passed secrets to Kislyak and Lavrov from within The Oval Office.

  • FfloydZzepp

    What a seething nest of total losers Turnip has...

  • MandalayBay328

    Chances Trump could pass a background check himself........ABSOLUTE ZERO.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Does Trump know ANYBODY that is not a criminal or suspicious person? But not unexpected because when you think about it, a con man usually only knows others of his ilk.

    And Trump then re-hires him for his campaign. Our POTUS can't get security clearance so why should anyone else that works for him is I guess the hiring motto at Trump WH.

  • SGNH

    All the best people.

  • Indie6050

    I have been around since Truman, and I have never seen a admin with this much falling out, etc...Presidents want "yes men", in their admin. This potus wants "zombies".,...

  • Jack25

    Such a stable President.

  • inonepeice

    So we finally found out the the swamp drains right into the Trump reelection campaign team.

  • Seán

    "Extreme Vetting"

  • inonepeice

    He went from being fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for financial crimes to getting hired the next day
    as a senior adviser for campaign operations for the Trump reelection campaign. Nice job of vetting there, Trump reelection campaign!

  • Gun Toting Liberal

    The best people!