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  • TheShapeOfThings

    Personally, I am a no good dirty sinner.

    On the upside, I have all seven stars from the Catholic book of revelation. I also reject not only the Pope, but the whole catholic church as fraudsters, child abusers, thieves, hypocrites and a perpetual and pervasive menace to humanity.

  • End of Life Ritual

    86% approval rate, down 12%

    Uh-oh, he's in trouble now.

  • jon rhodes

    There is nothing laudable about an institution that has centuries of blood on its hands. This organization has gotten rich on the backs of the poor all around the world. Their poor followers are taught that if they don't pony up with the requisite amount of money, hell awaits them. And just so these poor people don't have to wait, they will rape as many little boys as they can.

  • ShawnLetwin

    Wow...what an endorsement from the protector of the pedophiles. Be like Trump saying what a great president the next one is.

  • Abron

    I feel for this Pope. Anyone who tries to move the behemoth called the Catholic church into the 21st Century will be beaten down everytime by the super conservative idiots like Raymond Burke. And they hate him for reminding them that they should be humble and that material trappings are not important.