Porn star's lawyer gives Trump team an ultimatum: Take the money back by noon, or else


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  • Steven Miller

    Blast that sexual predator orange moron traitor out the pay no play. life isn't a Yogurt commercial you Oscar loser wannabe.

  • Thomas

    Perhaps it is well that she wants to give the money back.

    If Trump gives a woman like that money
    She will just end up peeing it away


  • Derek

    Sounds like extortion and blackmail.

  • I Don't Know

    I heard/read that there may be recordings, videos, etc. that would prove the affair. OMG... I hope there is, but I seriously don't want to see Dump in a funny position with a porn star. GROSS

  • Arryandan

    This "Christian" president s a sleazy human being. (something juries have said about Trump, after finding in Trump's favor). It makes me happy I'm not this type of "Christian".

  • george

    Does it really matter that she was wired the money or whether Mr T sign the agreement? The fact that he still denies the affair shows it never happened, so let Miss D produce what she has as it will either prove she is a liar or demonstrate the integrity, honesty of the a President's word. In my book Mr T has the upper hand as he can put this matter to bed (no pun intended) immediately by letting Miss D show her cards. You never know the texts, pictures, videos etc might even have a way of being leaked by WikiLeaks.

  • Weather3014

    What kind of lawyer is this? No it doesn't need to be signed. In fact some agreements are verbal only. Apparently she signed it and took the money signifying that she at least understood the agreement and in exchange for her silence took the money. That is a contract. Quid pro quo.

  • virgillionhere

    Stormy Weather

  • kritikosman

    Or else(?)--Let's go with that one!

  • milolewis

    Trump ... the gift that just keeps on giving .

  • Tex_Dude

    Lots of people shake their head but with Trump it seems to almost make sense....

  • ohverify

    It's now over 7 hours past the noon deadline. What's happening?

  • Sarah Levine

    Dear god, please no videos! Haven't we suffered enough with this Trump administration?

  • Steve Smith

    This makes Trump look look like a God to college males who go out every week to score.

  • EastCoastGirl

    She's an old harlot. She needs to retire. I don't know how much longer men in their right minds will pay to see her. They can cop to 20s on the strip in Vegas!

  • Steve Smith

    So what is this woman's claim to fame? A porn star who had sex with someone famous?
    Wow, what a news story. This is her only claim to fame? What a joke.

  • whitepine

    I can't wait to hear her story. I guess it will be a mini series with Trump as the star. That should make Trump happy. He likes being a celebrity on TV.

  • notagain

    Look up the details of that arbitration hearing dear Sarah talks about and you'll laugh out loud. It was a one sided farce.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Start a go fund me account... lots will pay to see this play our in court.

  • JBump

    Seems like this is a good career move for her. Really gonna put her back on top.

  • Jack25

    Evangelic women are leaving Trump camp in droves over this.