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  • sdoubledub

    While I am not Trump fan/ supporter, I'm LESS of a fan of a failed candidate going to foreign soil and bashing a sitting president - for $ to boot. Her behavior is emulating Trump's, and America doesn't "deserve" her either. Hopefully we'll learn from the past and not make the same mistake next time.

  • Judy

    Hilary, I voted for you. I supported the majority of yr causes, but right now u r acting like a sore loser. Move on. Campaign for women's rights. Thanks

  • Davey Jones

    The country didn't deserve Hillary Clinton either. The country deserved better choices. Or a third party that was viable.

  • ruelph

    Trump has proven without a doubt that Hillary would have made a 1000% better president than him. Trump is cementing his legacy as the worst-ever president in U.S. history. Example of complete lack of leadership by Trump, in just over one year in office over 51 people left his administration.

  • Frank Goudy

    Hillary Clinton. A leftover and boring!