Babysitter charged after allegedly beating 3-year-old girl, leaving her brain dead


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  • happYsad

    The parents should have been waiting outside for her after she bailed out. But the question is, why did she have a bail? You hurt the most innocent of life, but you can come home for awhile if you have enough money. Disgusting. Bet that poor little girl and her parents wish they could pay a price for her to go home and be ok, not possible right? My point exactly.

  • Bree Zee

    My thoughts are with Hannah's family.

  • Ka

    Why was she given bail? stupid cow.

  • Red Hawk

    If convicted she needs to go away forever.

  • ✪ Redemption

    If, and when I decide to pop out a child or two, I would really be careful who I had watching my kids. I really want a career, but stories like this really make me want to be a stay at home mom. This is just so sad.

  • Freeofu

    I'm sick reading this. I hope they hang this murderer.

  • disqus_fn5s2QCDp8

    So far, we have two demands for public execution before trial and a demand that "not guilty" pleas no longer be a right, and a sprinkling of blaming her mom for not staying home with the kid. We have one charge of "guilty because she's funny-looking" and one of "guilty because she's got a funny expression on her face".

    We do have a couple of sympathy comments for the kid and her family. I'll go with those, because I live in a country where I am neither a judge, an executioner, nor God, and because I raised my kids alone. God bless Americans.

  • CatMom

    Sorry, but "brain dead and unlikely to survive" translates to "brain dead and she's sadly already dead" but kept "alive" by artificial means. This is so tragic.

  • wdj

    I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY LET HER POST BAIL! Our system is broken.

  • Colin Gilman

    As both an honors graduate in the field of Public Health Science and a survivor of daily child abuse myself, it occurred to me that sharing some of my thoughts would make for a significant and meaningful contribution to the ongoing conversation our nation is currently having on Domestic Violence, Parenting and Child Abuse.

    In particular, on the macro level, this case cited in the article, is one of those terrible examples of human` behavior showing all of US just how much further our society still needs to go in order to "evolve" out of our Agro-centric Testosterone-dependent (and all too often --Misogonist) past.

    Most of us seem to agree that a propensity for violence against the defenseless innocent is the criteria for what should be considered the worst among many if not all crimes.

    What then-- pray tell --shall we FINALLY (AND ONCE AND FOR ALL) resign ourselves to do --in order to meet even the most basic standards of a civilized nation in the first place?

    Is it possible (or even desirable) for all of us to become more educated on spotting the signs of child abuse?

    Why are the mechanisms for reporting child abuse so seemingly elusive? What specific interventions can we accomplish working together towards the goal of ending child abuse ONCE AND FOR ALL? What organizations and social structures currently exist as resources? And which resources are best?

    And when it comes to parenting in particular, is there not some universally accepted standard by which we ought to shape public policies in order to better define good health, wellness and mental hygiene? Should parenting be left to its own devices as an "art form" in order to protect individual liberties from government intrusion? Or is it better --for all of us-- to emphasize the rational qualities of parenting in order to establish some new common sense guidelines which can be applied within the context of a universal approach?

    It seems as though we are only just now beginning to seriously talk about mental health in real terms, since at least part of the Parkland massacre is reportedly being "pinned" on a serious case of an individual teenager's depression.

    As I read all about this and other articles about mental health, I wondered how many people still do not even know what Clinical Depression is? How many people still do not have even a basic idea of the dynamic processes of self esteem, conflict resolution skills, and more specifically, how to build healthy relationships in mutually satisfying ways which validate everyone's rights, responsibilities and benefits?

    Moreover, ust because we are a Democratically Elected, Free, and Highly Educated society does not necessarily mean that we translate into what some claim to be "socially evolved" civilization.

    This is true at least until we can look the world in the eyes and tell them that --much like Polio and Small Pox, --that Child Abuse is no longer looming on our horizon-- neither a reason for the typical prisoner's crime and incarceration, nor a serious threat to the social order that we hold so dear --but a mere vestige of our dysfunctional (and "not-so -distant") past.

    Harm Reduction (HR) is a new Public Health approach to the prevention of our social ailments and may shed some light on the connection between Masagony, Sexism, and ultimately, Domestic Violence and child abuse.

    Like Community Policing, Harm Reduction (HR) is a fairly innovative approach to transformative governance--both in the home and on the collective level in our great nation.

    HR is now a widely accepted part of Public Health policy-making efforts, as it redefines the center (or "locus") of power and influence of an individual's knowledge attitudes and beliefs which tend to shape behavior and the health status outcome which results from such behaviors.

    Perhaps it is time to consider Child abuse a biproduct of a larger picture: specifically an expected outcome of domestic violence.

    In fact, the entire dynamics of an individual's mental health status(MHS) have a dynamic affect on the health status of our entire society.

    HR can be helpful to Politicians in terms of advancing bills into laws, as it translates how public issues should be approached.

    As a staunch advocate for Public Health, I turn your attention to the need for US to begin focusing on the viability of expanding parenting classes to address the community wide issues. I call on our elected reps to begin considering --once and for all-- the feasibility of Parent Licenses --not to erode civil liberties, but to establish baseline criteria for prevention of child abuse. Rational guidelines on healthy parenting do exist, but they have yet to be positioned strategically, within the mainstream of our educational systems.

    All of us as good citizens must continue to emphasize that parenting is not JUST an art but a science as well. Raising a baby right, is not just a right--but a responsibility as well. it is a responsibility to manage our anger, when for example, we've come home from an extra long day at work.

    And sharing the home is basically a commitment to building healthy relationships.

    While Human Psychology, is typically more subjective than other fields of science, it is all we have and it can be adequately combined with other healthy behaviors to insure a home of peace where each and every one of us may find solace in better understanding the needs and challenges that we all face --even as we seek out new opportunities to explore and try new solutions.

    In a land where there are no real "obstructions" to food and sex, you would think we would have been on top of this matter along time ago.

    The fact is that just getting to the truth is a challenge. As a society saturated with lawyers, clearly we are nation who loves not just our liberties and so called "rights", but our privacy as well.

    Someday we shall look back on the history of our progress with awe and disgust: how on earth can pretty much anyone become a parent but to drive a motor vehicle one still needs a license?

    Clearly, such irony is a manifestation of a deeply rooted insanity-- which established itself among ancient times when men failed to come home to their fathered kids. Clearly, it is an insanity in dire need of restraining change.

  • Thomas

    What a terrible thing to have happen.

  • Emu Cat

    Life without parole, no exceptions.

  • sue wo

    How can someone plead 'not guilty' when the guilt is OBVIOUS???

  • bill

    i call that 2nd degree murder

  • USA Dad Overseas

    When I read articles like this it makes me wish the US would bring back public hangings.
    That woman deserves no less.

  • hockeymom1111

    Wow, if that's her mug shot, she certainly doesn't look remorseful or anything like that - - she looks annoyed. Really? Someone's young child is dying because of what you did to her, and you're annoyed? Goodness.

  • leemuncy

    surely there is one person in that county that will seek justice with this child abuser walking around free.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    I still think there should be a place in our society for public stoning. This could be one.

  • Imjustdone

    $ 30000 bond? smh. I wonder if she was bold enough to go home when she was released..

  • RettasVegas

    How does she walk out out of jail while that baby is slowly dying because she was beaten to death?
    God help us, justice for this poor innocent child.

  • DFG

    ugh.. when you have want kids but don't have the time to spend with them...

    what options do you have?

  • Pits

    She had to have had those bruises a couple days before for them to show. Did her parents not notice them??