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  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    It's good that we're letting the killers of the world know that there is no "perfect crime." In fact, I think people who completely dispose of their victims should get MORE time for the hellish anguish they've put family and loved ones through, just to jump on a "no body, no crime" loophole. Time to snatch that loophole shut and this is a very good start!

  • Clay Gaspard

    No body no crime. Its called Habius Corpus, and its the law ! I can't believe its even gone to court. The judge should be fired !

  • yogiman

    Circumstantial evidence is not actual, or even factual, evidence. Do they know, as a fact, she didn't just go her separate way without announcing it to the public? What will happen if she just walks in some day in the future and says hi y'all, I'm back? We're sorry, doc?

  • bibleexpert

    Seems the doc thought the lack of a body would override the massive circumstantial evidence. Shoulda gone to law school instead of medical school, I guess.