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  • Lilium Inter Spinas

    Great! All you "law and order" types who worship The System need to keep stories like this in mind whenever you're rooting for an abusive cop who delivers a bit of entertaining "street justice." If you want legitimately GUILTY criminals to get what's coming to them, you should also want cops to treat them very carefully, so they don't have their (legitimate) case dropped and get rewarded with a check larger than anything you'll ever be paid.

    The bottom line is abusive cops cost us ALL, not just the people who "shouldn't have broken the law if they didn't want to be curb-stomped by a 'roided up monster."

  • Lee Thompson

    Smart to drop cases reliant on this officer's testimony. Based on the video beating for 'jaywalking', he has issues. It's great this video surfaced.

  • Lance

    Why didn't they also drop the violent felonies and sex offenses? They should be equally non-credible.

  • Eva

    This is one reason why we must start treating cops like human beings, because if we keep putting anyone who wears a badge on pedestals there is a major fall when we realize one is actually imperfect and flawed.

    Because of this flawed human who was given privilege, we now have innocent people being convicted, or guilty people going free.

  • Eteamer

    Trump will give him a job.

  • LA8.3

    I wonder if there is a question on police job applications requiring the applicants to state if they have a problem treating all citizens equal, regardless of race, sex or religious preference?

  • AnonymousWatches

    Without a doubt, this story and headline need to be rewritten. Apparently, the need to throw something on the internet is so compelling that anything is acceptable.

  • yetanother1

    I understand Trump might be looking for a new employee soon. Honesty and integrity, not important.

  • August Jones

    So many dirty cops out there.

  • brickmette

    Was this officer one of the "good apples" or one of the "bad apples"?
    Or was he a "good apple" until he became a "bad apple"?
    Or was he a "bad apple" that people thought was a "good apple"?
    Was he showing off his authority and power for the trainee officer who accompanied him at the time of this incident?

  • ralphpetrillo

    Time to review the officers past arrests for the history of time he was an officer.

  • USAF Retired

    As an African American woman, I am not a follower nor a fan of the Black Lives Matter movement. However, I can understand the core reason for their agenda. In my opinion, it was to bring to the attention of the public that these types of police beatings against minorities (not just African Americans) are going on. What this officer did to this jaywalker was totally uncalled for, but so many police officers think that by putting on their uniform, they have the unquestionable right to do whatever they want to whomever they want.

  • Westword 70

    Scattered throughout the police community today, are officers just like Hickman. Their fellow officers and supervisors know just who they are, but nothing is done to stop them. The blue wall of silence holds sway. If police wonder why the public does not trust them, here is the reason. Those sworn to uphold the law, are engaged in a cover up of the crimes of their fellow officers. How can the public trust, under those circumstances?

  • Mookie T. Cat

    I wonder how many civil lawsuits are going to be filed in this case?

  • J-dawg

    Your headline makes no sense. The dropped cases weren’t “against” the officer.